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Planicoxa venenica skeletal restoration

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Skeletal restoration of the basal iguanodontian Planicoxa venenica from the Barremian-Aptian Poison Strip Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah. This restoration is based on the holotype specimen DMNH 42504 (ilium), DMNH 42505 (femur), DMNH 40914 (tibia), DMNH 42509 (MT II), DMNH 42512 (pedal phalanx), DMNH 42508 (humerus), DMNH 42507 (ulna), DMNH 42511 (cervical neural arch), DMNH 42513 (cranial dorsal centrum and partial neural arch), DMNH 42518 (caudal dorsal neural arch), DMNH 42510 (sacral centrum), and the following elements that are described in the text but unillustrated: DMNH 42516, DMNH 42519, DMNH 42520, DMNH 42521, DMNH 42522, DMNH 42524 (dorsal neural arches); DMNH 42515 & DMNH 42525 (dorsal centra); DMNH 42514 & DMNH 42517 (caudal centra). All of these elements have unique specimen numbers because they were found disarticulated and partially trampled in a small bonebed. Because of the disarticulated specimens it's unknown how many individuals the bonebed contained, although it must be at least two (two right tibiae are known, and two femora of slightly different lengths are known), but I doubt if it's many more than those two similarly sized individuals (one roughly 3.5 m long according to my reconstruction, the other about 3.0 m long). These animals were probably not fully grown however, as all the vertebral sutures were unfused. Planicoxa is ?famous for having an enormous wide and flat shelf growing out from the post-acetabular process of the ilium. McDonald has found Planicoxa to be a "camptosaur-grade" iguanodontian, but Galton thinks it's a dryosaurid. I tend to agree with McDonald, and gave it the regularest camptosaurish silhouette possible.
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No wonder this specimen has a missing part of the skeletal pieces.
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*reads description*

I didn't know McDonalds was into palaeontology :lol:
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Ooo, I like the effect you achieved with the lateral iliac shelf. Getting artsier with your reconstructions!