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Parksosaurus warreni skeletal reconstruction

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Skeletal reconstruction of Parksosaurus warreni based on the holotype (and only) specimen ROM 804. Preserved bones in white, gray indicates reconstructed portions of incomplete bones. Compare this to Greg's reconstruction.
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Do you happen to know what specimen they are showing off at "rescast.com"? I'm sure you have seen it ([link]) they even claim it to be ROM 804. I have never trusted those cast sites, but where on earth did they get that neck from? The whole fossil is differently posed than the one at ROM ([link])

I am growing increasingly uneasy with this, as I am wanting to do a reconstruction. I figured you'd be the one to ask :D
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That cast is definitely based off of ROM 804, but I don't think it's a real cast, more like a high quality sculpture. The specimen was initially a panel mount in exactly the same pose as the cast, but there are several peculiarities that tell me it's, at least partially, a reconstruction. In Parks' initial description the right tibia-fibula is preserved, as is the left forelimb except for the hand. There definitely is no neck illustrated and Parks says, "The cervical vertebrae are unknown," (page 11 in the 1926 description. Evidently the type specimen has undergone a lot of additional preparation, and was posed by an idiot: the left foot is on upsidedown and the skull is articulating directly with the carpus. As far as I know, there is only one known specimen of Parksosaurus, ROM 804, and honestly, I'd like to know what Parksosaurus' neck looked like.
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Thank you for the clear-up. It is a pity these cast-makers are so prominent on the web, as the cast skeleton (complete with neck vertebrae) show up up there with the first results on a Google image search. What makes it worse is, I cannot be sure their intentions are all that good either, since they are after all a business, and more complete, more spectacular casts, would sell for more :/