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Lurdusaurus arenatus skeletal reconstruction

Skeletal restoration of Lurdusaurus arenatus. White bones are preserved and illustrated in Taquet and Russell, 1999; bones crossed by diagonal lines are preserved but not illustrated in Taquet and Russell, 1999 and are for the most part modeled after Iguanodon bernissartensis with measurements from Taquet and Russel, 1999; gray indicates bones that are not preserved but included for clarity.
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Me muero por conseguir la tesis de Chabli, la vendían en internet pero el vínculo esta mal escrito.
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I'd love to get it too. Most of this is guess-work based on the very few illustrated bones in the Taquet and Russel paper and their table of measurements.
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I remember this thought-provoking skeletal from a Tet Zoo blog post. I wonder if this number of cervicals (given that only one seems to be preserved) normal for iguanodonts ?
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Only one cervical was illustrated, but IIRC, the entire presacral series is more or less present, which is why the neck ended up so dang long. The diagonal lines are all there, the authors just chose not to illustrate them.