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Leaellynasaura amicagraphica skeletal restoration



Somewhat fanciful reconstruction of Leaellynasaura amicagraphica, a probable ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Otway Group of southeastern Australia. The holotype consists of NMV P185991 (articulated maxilla-jugal-quadratojugal-quadrate), but the holotypic individual probably also includes NMV P185990 (skull roof), NMV P185992 (four dorsals, partial hindlimb, and 22 caudals), and NMV P185993 (another 52 caudals). The trouble here is that none of the vertebrae have ever been illustrated to my knowledge (please correct me if they have and I've just missed it), only briefly described in text. We do know that the tail is quite long, and the chevrons of the mid to distal caudals are L-shaped (like Parksosaurus, Gasparinisaura, and Macrogryphosaurus). The largest femur referred to Leaellynasaura is NMV P1798564, which would point to an individual around 120 cm long. There is another partial skeleton of an Australian ornithopod called "Junior" that also has L-shaped chevrons and may belong to an individual of Leaellynasaura roughly double the size of he holotype, but still under 200 cm in total length (most of it tail!).

ON EDIT: I'm getting comments on the weirdness of the skull. It's based on my reconstruction here: ornithischophilia.deviantart.c… which is based on the fully prepped holotype.
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Very interesting, which is certainly the issue known as "Junior", I would like to review it, thanks.

I wish to describe and Leaellynasaura, is spectacular.