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Gideonmantellia amosanjuanae skeletal reconstructi



Skeletal reconstruction of Gideonmantellia amosanjuanae from the Early Cretaceous of Spain based on the holotype specimen MPG-PBCH. Those bones crossed by vertical lines are known (at least in part) but were not illustrated, gray indicates unpreserved portions of bones. Scale is in centimeters. Ruiz-Omeñaca et al 2012 find G. amosanjuanae to be a basal Iguanodontian (although they misidentify Iguanodontia on their cladogram) with a number of weird features.
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Great!! I think this reconstruction is better than the original in the paper.
Could I use your skeleton for drawing Gideonmantellia's life restoration? Of course, I'd say that the skeletal reference is yours.