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Altirhinus kurzanovi skeletal reconstruction

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Skeletal reconstruction of Altirhinus kurzanovi from the late Early Cretaceous of Mongolia. Skull, forelimb excluding the manus, pubis, and ischium from the holotype, PIN 3386/8; manus and tail based on juvenile PIN 3386/9; ilium from uncatalogued juvenile specimen. Gray areas indicate unpreserved areas of elements. Scale bar is 100 cm in total length, and is in reference to the holotype. For reasons that I cannot understand, the Wikipedia entry on this animal states that its forelimbs were half the length of the hindlimbs so it must have been bipedal, even though Norman doesn't illustrate and barely describes the hindlimbs due to their incomplete preservation. After reflection, I think I've made the tail too short... it should be a good 1-2 m longer.
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Great job, Pete!