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Stegosaur Swimming by ZombieDinosaurs
Dinosaur Valentines day Heart by JordanTyrannosaurus
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Albertaceratops nesmoi by AllTheDinosaursEver
Study of a Three-Horned Face by E-Smaniotto
Albalophosaurus yamaguchiorum by AllTheDinosaursEver
Ajkaceratops kozmai by AllTheDinosaursEver
Alaskacephale gangloffi by AllTheDinosaursEver
Acrotholus audeti by AllTheDinosaursEver
Dino Tales- Pachycephalosaurus Wyomingensis by JJT123
Judith River July Day 6 by DinoBirdMan
Minqaria bata by AllTheDinosaursEver
Ajnabia odysseus by AllTheDinosaursEver
Charonosaurus (MZP) by Atlantis536
Adynomosaurus arcanus by AllTheDinosaursEver
Datai yingliangis by AllTheDinosaursEver
Akainacephalus johnsoni by AllTheDinosaursEver
Ahshislepelta minor by AllTheDinosaursEver
Amazing Dinoworld - Grazing Stegouros by Kingofallkongs
Miragaia by BrandonScottPilcher
Yanbeilong ultimus by AllTheDinosaursEver
Pg. 15 2.9MB by ZombieDinosaurs
ARBS - Stegosaurus by Kingofallkongs
Other Ornithischians
Thescelosaurus (1990) by Kingofallkongs
Albertadromeus syntarsus by AllTheDinosaursEver
Agilisaurus louderbacki by AllTheDinosaursEver
The first three dinosaurs by Vaya-Dragon
Ornithischian Skeletals
Pachycephalosaurus skeletal diagram by Patchi1995
Olorotitan by dinosaphira99
Laiyangosaurus skull reconstruction by olofmoleman
Latirhinus uitstlani by javifel
Ornithischian Characters
Aladar vs Scowler by Slade824
Brentran The Brachylophosaurus Canadensis by JJT123
Orchid The Dryosaurus Altus by JJT123
Pamela Walters The Parasaurolophus Walkeri by JJT123
Spec Evo and Fantasy Creatures
Einiasuchus in a Data Ball video! by Kingofallkongs
Avis snyan | Priscaspermia 2 by DierLikesDoingArt
Kong 2005 Expanded: Embolocephalus by Slade824
Ferrucutus alternate universe by asari13


Dinosaur Stickerzzz YAY by KaijuSamurai Dinosaur Stickerzzz YAY :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 283 48 Sketchbook 2010 cover by KaijuSamurai Sketchbook 2010 cover :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 713 156





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A group for all creatures closer to Triceratops horridus than to Passer domesticus or Saltasaurus loricatus, because beaky herbivores with a flair for ostentatious ornamentation are obviously the best dinosaurs.

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Hello, I did requests in the past and I am opening them again :>

1. All requests will be drawn traditionally, inked and shaded. I feel like I can produce much higher quality work if I do it traditionally. Don't worry, I take good pictures! My scanner is kinda bleh, so I work around that.

2. No cartoon, stylized, or the like. I'm trying to keep it realistic and scientific.

3. If you would like a specific way the animal is drawn then please tell me, or I'll have my own take on it! (all raptors will be feathered however u.u unless you specify otherwise)

4. Nothing inappropriate.

5. No humans :< anatomy not good enough yet

6. PLEASE, NOTE ME YOUR REQUESTS! It is so much easier to keep track of them that way!

Also, please allow up to two weeks. I do requests in the order I receive them, please keep that in mind! Thank you <3
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Triceratops horridus by Thrillosopher  
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may i suggest renaming the Iguanadontian folder to Ornithopods?
just feel like it would make more sense is all
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Can you please move my Chialingosaurus piece? I put it in "Ceratopsians" but should go in "Stegosaurs".
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thanks for letting me join
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Pardon, but Saltasaurus is not an Ornithischian
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To everyone putting Hadrosaurids in the "Other Ornithischians" gallery--Hadrosaurids are Iguanodontians. They belong in the "Iguanodontians" gallery, not "Other Ornithischians."
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On the Discovery Science Channel on Wednesday.

6am When Dinosaurs Ruled China
7am When Dinosaurs Ruled
8am When Dinosaurs Ruled: Birth of Giants

All times listed are for Eastern Time.
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hey tffan i notice your a broken record find some thing new to type
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On the Natgeo Wild channel on Friday Feb 24, times given are eastern time.

12pm Dino Death Trap
1pm Bizarre Dinosaurs
2pm When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs
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Forgot to say Dec 18
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