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"So, THAT's the guy who flirted with the boss' daughter..."

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I'm a fan!!! Do you take requests?
Soooooo Nice !!!

Great work !!
I love it !
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Now I'm just imagining that one scene from 'Christmas Story'.…

Vader: 'I TRIPLE DOG dare you!' 
*30 seconds later*
Boba: 'I'm stuck!' 
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Perfect in all its details!
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 Reminds me of that scene in Star Wars: Robot Chicken, where Boba Fett is talking smack to Han while he is encased in carbonite.
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Cool concept.  The beauty of the Star Wars characters is that they don't have to be fighting in order to grab attention.
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
Hi! I am the responsible for the official star wars fan club in Portugal and I wonder if is it possible to you sign this attached image with a dedication gone to me?
Can be a digital one.I love your works!
All the best:
Paulo Oliveira
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He's all yours, Bounty Hunter.
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The detailing it's just epic
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One slippery catch allright
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LOVE THIS PIECE!!! You KNOW theres something going on between those two
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"... He worths a lot to me"
Hehe, awesome pic B-)
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Hehehe. Darth Vader is the Father and he has a halo :D Cool!
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vader's first you two need to get a room?

great work
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makes me think of robot chicken! Boba Fett: "Wanna little piece of boda? You dirtty little smuggler?"
The details of your works are legendary!
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Amazing work, man. I love the red fog and the way Vader's just standing back, watching the whole thing. You also were able to give so much character to Boba Fett, just in the way he's touching the carbonite. That's just awesome.
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Vader with a halo...riiiight. Beautiful lighting, color, adherence to costume, etc.
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