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Cant remember which spinoff novel pitted rancor-riding witches against the Empire, but this is better than even I saw it inm my mind's eye. Nicely done.

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All right, THAT is how the Battle of Endor should have gone. Imagine if Jabba was swapped from the beginning to the end of the movie and the Hutt's army ended up fighting the Empire along with the Rebellion. (No Ewok hate, just a love for possibilities.)

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But what's the Monster here?

The Rancor? or the Empire?

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keep coming back to this.  It remains awesome.
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 "AT-STs shall no longer be deployed against megafauna or flora such as Rancors without artillery backup and air support"-updated AT-ST operations manual.
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Bet those guys are really wishing they had a large metal door to drop on that thing right about now....
You have to pity the stormtroopers.
That's fantastic!
is this a drawing or a snap from the movie?! wow incredible job!
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I have a bad feeling about this.
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Looks like troubles.
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The next Battlefront II DLC?
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Wow - just wow! 
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Awesome idea man. And well executed!
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Why can't Disney put this much love and appreciation with the new trilogy?
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"Jabba should've been on Endor. Cut out the opening, save him until halfway, have his palace be on Endor instead of Tatooine, and then when he finds out the Empire is in his territory, then he decides to fight them off and help the Rebel Alliance. How much more fitting would that have been? Jabba would've been both the bad guy and the good guy at the same time, and he would've had a purpose and, oh my God! Wouldn't it be so cool if we saw Jabba's people attacking those Stormtroopers instead of Ewoks?"
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now this is a master piece 
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This is absolutely amazing!
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yeah it is 
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Awesome! should've been in the movie
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