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I’ll be at WonderCon Anaheim, California this weekend if anyone wants any of my prints! And Disneyland.

Table D-34 (The same table as last time!)

Oh! And I got a new photo stand to hang my work, so it’ll be much higher and nicer. ‘Cause every time I use a clamp/PVC system, my whole display keeps sagging.

Actually that photo stand isn’t new. Someone dumped it in the trash last Wondercon so I grabbed it and fixed it somehow. Hopefully it doesn’t collapse during the con and kill me...
I'll be at WonderCon this weekend for those interested in buying prints (D-34...I think). I don't sell them online, so now's your chance! This is probably be my only table of the year. 
I don't sell my prints online but here are three places this year you can get a chance to nab one for 2016. Any 8.5x11 inch prints leftover, I may be able to sell online afterwards.

Gallifrey One (Feb 12-14). I won’t be able to be there in person but they will be available at the print shop.

Wondercon (March 25-27), Artist Alley

Emerald City Comic Con (April 7-10), Artist Alley
$600 Cintiq repair, here I come...

(Sorry for the lack of drawings)
Hi guys!

I Will be in Anaheim for Wondercon Tomorrow April 03-April 05. I will be at E-24 which is an end table near the Morning Line in Hall B. I'll be selling prints (I don't sell them online. I'm that lazy) Come say hi. Or stare at stuff!…………

Selling: Lots of art supplies and prints (yeah, this one time). Markers, Sketchbooks, Watercolor pencils. Going to use the money to get my Wacom Cintiq fixed. Also, this is my new year's resolution to get rid of a lot of stuff. And stop buying crap I don't really use that much.

Please don't note me or post comments of what you want to buy here. You will have to post it on the livejournal page so I can keep track of who wants what, and who had dibs first. I won't answer them here.
Trying to crank out the last few fanarts while I can! I'll be in Anime Expo in that massive cesspool called Artist Alley on the 4th of July Weekend. Our table is C27 "Orneryjen/Mushpatch" if you'd like to say hi and/or buy a print! I don't know if I will sell prints online in the future other than AX (that's me being lazy), so this is your chance to nab them!
Hi folks!

It took my boss forever to confirm my days off that I ended up missing WonderCon artist alley registration for April. Im not sure if they're doing an art show and  I don't know the process of doing this but is anyone willing to share Table space in Artist alley? Will split the cost of the table and half the time I'll be running around with my cousins anyway (I'd buy a disneyland ticket in place of the fee but some of the rides closed down this season so that's not quite worth it. Baww)
Did plan to have this completed at the end of this month but I'll be out of town for almost two weeks. In the meantime, here's a sneak on the second part (Typos...yes including typos).…

I wasn't particularly happy with the first one for starting so slow but this explosive next part finally makes it up!
Okay my goal is to attend all four of these cons. The only table I really have is just AX.

Emerald City Comic Con March 28th-30th
(Have badge for all days, definitely going!)

Anaheim Wonder-Con 18th-20th
(Have badge for all days, Want to share a table, waiting for my boss not to butcher the dibs I have on those dates)

Anime Expo
(Have Badge for all days, have table, definitely going!)

San Diego Comic Con
(Holy Mission Motherfucking Impossible!)

Sone Las Vegas Comic Convention in the future...

Anyone going to be in the neighborhood of any of these conventions?
Something I shouldn't be working on. Still in rough form with typos and format problems since I just copied it out of Evernote and pasted it onto my Final Draft software. File is in PDF form.…

I don't know why, don't ask me. It just turned out to be an awesome storyline, so I did.

Looking forward to suggestions (I'm still trying to flesh out the 8th Doctor's personality) and typos! 

In my very short short short short short short short ICU training, I just recently took care of a young guy who survived a Heart Attack, witnessed by other people who called 911. Everything about him was perfectly fine. Vitals stable, good lung function, great labs, heart nicely healed up with good rhythm and pumping, kidneys peeing, liver this point, every single organ is up and running.

Well, everything except Brain Death. 

It only takes 5 minutes before oxygen deprivation kills off the brain. Moral of the story: do chest compressions. No, you don't have to put your mouth into someone's slimy orifice...just do the compressions. Anyone out of that crowd could have done something that simple, but that never occurred that this simple measure would've gotten this guy out of the hospital. What good does all the doctors, paramedics, nurses, ventilators, drugs, Respiratory Therapists and hospitals do if a body doesn't have a mind of its own?
So bad news, theres no art show for me in anime expo to post and sell work! But at least i got the stack of prints and they look pretty good so far! I dont have a table available but keep your eyes peeled for an online sale! 
fyi, l'll be taking my cousins to anime expo this july 4th weekend. I don't have a table but I'm going to try to make the effort of putting some Doctor Who prints up in the Art Show area when I can. once there are prints available for online sale, those who noted me prior to this journal get first dibs for the online sale. Honestly I wasn't interested in making prints until I met my cousin's catholic science/tech teacher who is a fellow whovian and badly wanted some prints to plaster inside his classroom of geekdom.

The prints are a limited run courtesy of :iconpompi: who also has a table.

Other stuff:

I've been on an ebay spree buying and restoring fountain pens. and trying to fit dip pen nibs into them.

Other than that, just got myself a galaxy 10.1 note with a PRESSSSSSSSURE sensitivity pen for doodling!  Still getting used to sketchbook autodesk. But does anyone know any other graphic arts prpgrams to use besides that app? Photoshop touch isn't great with drawing.
I don't talk about my job. But since I don't have anything interesting to say...

- A young woman comes into the ER with abdominal pain, and the look on her and her boyfriend's face when they find out she's pregnant.

- An elderly woman who takes care of her dementia husband at home who's broken her hip. Next day I get to take care of...wait don't tell me! Her dementia husband, for abdominal pain, who thinks I'm his wife and wants me to take off my clothes and get into bed with me.

- A heavily tattooed guy squirming at the sight of needles.

- A family devastated watching their loved one and a young one die and yet so confused why that patient chose to have a Do Not Resuscitate order.  

- A young woman, years younger than me, who is perfectly and mentally fine in every way, but every fifteen minutes, for a minute or two, would snap into a confused spell of craziness and yelling, then snap back to normal and not remember and be astonished at the craziness she just did.

...aand my job also involves a lot of bodily fluids.
1. Moved back from Las Vegas to Southern California.

2. Trying to meet up on my new year's resolution to draw more. And with more backgrounds.

3. People were asking me about Commissions/requests and prints. I'm sorry but I just don't have time or the need to do commissions anymore :\ . Possible prints in the future, although it might be a limited quantity.

4. Continuation of Route 15 and Doctor Who comic still in the works! Stay tuned!
Sorry for the lack of art. I've been busy with my job (Okay, that's a blatant lie, but it does make me very very tired!) and I've been doing a lot of writing. One of them is finishing the script to my webcomic Route 15 before I start resuming it. The other is a series of illustrated short stories in the works of a very old original character of mine. A third is a website (for all you noob nurses and medical personnel) of clinical resources I've made over the years. You can see my tumblr for these things here:

A lot of people are asking when the next part for that Doctor Who comic is coming up. Part 2 is a lot longer and a lot more ambitious and I'll be releasing the first part after Angels in Manhattan (I'm seeing how the story ends for these two so I can make some adjustments to the comic). I came up with a concept sketch of Amy and Rory and it can be found here

Also, for Route 15 fans, my partner in crime has a different kind of web-comic featuring Keef that can be found here…
Crap, I'm working that weekend, but for any of you LV peeps out here, I think this... And this...… might interest you
...Keep buying out the concert tickets I want!!! I just secured a day off next week for this and now I can't get a pair… *HISSSSS D:<

*Sulks and starts searching Craigslist.

In other news, Madman with a box next week!
It's nice working at night shift. Everything's pretty quiet but it sucks when everything is well...closed! I think I've been accumulating Library fines because of this. Well, that's okay, been reading and watching DVDs a lot from them. The Las Vegas Library is awesome; I've been going through my to do list of movies and getting my Doctor Who and comic book fix. I recommend the titles Borrowing Time, Touched by an Angel, and Prisoner of the Daleks. The Daleks always seem to disappoint me on TV, but "prisoner" truly makes them a creepy and menacing foe.

I'll probably Stop at Anime Expo for a day with cousins and browse through artist alley. Artists: impress me.