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I don't seem to be able to accept/decline posts or sort them into new folders, in the new version of Deviantart.  This means that as soon as they get rid of the old version, which is supposed to be on May 20th, I will no longer be able to accept your submissions until further notice.  I am sorry.  The group will still be here though, and we already have lots of wonderful art on here so don't forget you can always come by to look at it.

I have tried contacting DA Support but they did not get back to me.  If you happen to know how to do group stuff on the new website I would appreciate your input.

On another note, if I have declined anyone's submissions lately it is because they do not have fancy patterns to them.

Also I really hope everyone is doing well in spite of the Coronavirus, and hope everyone is ok.

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Welcome! :)

There are lots of wonderful groups out there featuring different kinds of decoration, well here is a group for all kinds!

We accept pretty much all sorts of patterns: Ancient, Medieval, Victorian, all sorts of cultural and ethnic traditions, spirals, geometry, acanthus leaves, whether for stonecarving, woodcarving, leatherworking, architectural details, jewelry....just for a few examples.

What is ornament/ornamentation?

For the purpose of this group, ornament is decorative art, such as spirals, zentangling, knotwork, or geometries, as opposed to representative art such as a landscape painting, (although I would accept it if it had a decorative border for example).

Some patterns can be too simple, to be considered ornamentation for the purposes of this group, like if its just a row of identical dots or parallel lines, although mostly that shouldn't be a problem.

Submissions will be accepted or rejected based largely on whether or not they fulfill the definition of ornamentation for the purpose of this group.

Please don't feel bad if I decline your submissions, just because it doesn't fit the purpose of this group doesn't mean it isn't really good art!

Calligraphy mostly doesn't count even if the letters are pretty unless it has additional decoration, or if the letters have decoration on them.

Mosaics and stained glass do count unless they are merely representational or abstract in a non ornamentational way.

Submission limit 5 per day.

Don't post anything obsene or otherwise innapropriate.

You can submit to Featured or to the particular folder for the category closest to your artwork. I hope to be adding more folders for categories as they are needed.

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