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No really, I can't thank the person who gave me this subscription to dA, even if it's for a month!
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Well, almost, My laptop, a Hp dv8309us, decided to loose it's main screen, and now I'm stuck with a 4 year old LCD... I know that the fact that the computer was over a year old, and it would be bound to have some cosmetic damage because of this, but still... I got it from Fry's Electronics, with a three year extended warranty, but now, I find out that from the Store manager, or whatever the hell they call Him, that "Physical damage isn't covered by the extended warranty"... WHAT THE HELL! There is only one reason why you get an extended warranty, it's so that something that gets damaged over time, like a LCD hinge, that would otherwise cost 1000 dollars, and Total the computer otherwise, would get replaced for free! otherwise it's appropriate to laugh in the employee's face that suggests it and buy it without wasting the $300. So what I'm trying to do here is tell my fellow deviants, and visitors, to READ THE DAMN CONTRACT!!! I got suckered in to not reading it, and now I'm about to get a return on every single one of my Extended "Warranty". I am also planing to sell the LCD monitor, and the WiFi chip from my computer. Apparently My computer had poor enough design that they put the damn antenna in the monitor, and I had to waste $44.95 on getting a wireless card. but that is for a different time
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ok, this is a little bit too little for a jornal, but I can't beleve it... My complaint is mildly popular.... It's amazing really, but still...
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uh, I needed to get the chaos theory history/explenation off of the jornal pane, also somehow I'm making some progress... on something... about chaos theory... lousy JRP...
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Well, I just learned what I make (those 3-D desktop things) are strange attractors, :wow:. well anyhow, I guess I need a brief explanation on what a strange attractor is...  lets start off with something simple, like oh the weather. You know how we as a collective society can only predict the weather up to the 7 day point... that is because of a person named Edward Lorenz; he was a meteorologist whom was trying to come up with a program (back in the days of the adding machines that took up an entire room of a building) that was going to predict the weather. while he was testing this program, he took the results of a previous test, and inputed the numbers for this test for right in the middle. Little did he know that the adding machine that he was working with, rounded off after three digits, so in stead of .1259468 he got .126, and he let it run. When he came back to the lab after the program was finished, he found that when he compared it to the first test results, they where drastically different. he determined from these results(after he found out what was wrong) that the atmospheric system had "sensitive dependence on initial conditions" or in other words a butterfly in Brazil could set off a hurricane in New Orleans weeks latter by flapping it's wings right now as I type out this Journal(in laymen terms the butterfly effect).
He even went on to graph this system he has developed, and then he created the first attractor... but moving along a strange attractor is: an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic; or in other words like a fractal... for more information check out either: Wikipedia, your local library, or your local math professor, whichever one works for you... oh, and the program I use is something called chaoscope, which is used in order to graph out all sorts of attractors... so it's great to get that off my back!
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well, I managed to get some way of tracking who likes my stuff... yes... i've got nothing...
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I wonder... is there one truly free way to get page views... other than spam...
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Well... It seems like my average... for the ones that turned out well, is about 7 views, and 5 downloads... Probebly need more deviations... that are made either digitaly, or by light writing...
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Well... my first sketch is finally up........
I need more practice
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Well, it's kinda working again... what do you espect... by the looks of things though, I need to get a new audio jack... damnit
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I guess when I was talking about my iPod to Mr. Vorhas, I got an Idea... try opening it up, and check the connections... So I did, and surprise surprise, It wasn't the connection, it was the fact that a audio port was bent in, So I put it back together, and now the audio doesn't work, period. at least I have speakers that connect to the iPod Dock. and apparently My school decided to start playing music thru the announcement system. Their playing classical music, and it's given me headakes eight times thru out the day...
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If you haven't noticed, I finaly have some prints up, two of my favorets, over and over, and Event Horizon, are the subjects, If you want more, then just send me a note ;)
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Yes! my new bag is here!!!! It arrived today! It is a Halo 3 messenger bag, Here is the link I used in order to get It…, and no it isn't grey
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well, figured out the problem with the amount of page views, I guess including the source file for the various images screwed up the download system... Thanks, Aquabeef, for pointing that out.
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