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D : Wasted Candle (R) by AngelicHellraiser ABOUT ME D : Wasted Candle (L) by AngelicHellraiser

Hello and welcome, I like to draw (even though my drawings are not professional quality, maybe sometimes around a little decent.) I can be pretty bad with getting them done since I'm such, to be honest, a lazy person. I am diagnosed with autism and anxiety. I'm also a Brony/Pegasister and a Furry but a sane one at that and won't chew you out or do anything immature. I’m also a fan of and into many things (and probably way more than for my own good); a big enthusiast of animation (cartoons and anime to be exact), comics (especially manga), and horror; and a support of indie and dojinshi works.

I like and appreciate comments and support although I am pretty much on the shy side. I'm opening myself up though. Besides here, I also get on Gaiaonline, Twitter, Amino, Instagram, and Tumblr often as well.

You are more than welcome to draw my OCs (I'm actually really happy when someone draws one or more of my characters. I work really hard at developing them for other people to enjoy them as much as I do.)

D : Wasted Candle (R) by AngelicHellraiser SOCIAL/ART ACCOUNTS D : Wasted Candle (L) by AngelicHellraiser





Discord: Pin the Lop Bunny #7336


Amino: Pin the Lop Bunny




D : Wasted Candle (R) by AngelicHellraiser GAMING ACCOUNTS D : Wasted Candle (L) by AngelicHellraiser


Xbox Live: Pin the Panda

PSN: PinthePanda

Wii U: PinthePanda

3DS: 4296-3258-5709

Switch: SW-5489-1076-1506

D : Grave Marker by AngelicHellraiser
Pixel art used made by AngelicHellraiser
Hello and welcome to my second journal entry on this new DA account. I have quite a bit that I need to cover regarding what’s been going on lately with me. I’ll go over what I been up to as of recent

To start things off, you may have noticed that I have a new DA account of a different name than I have been going by forever (or before that for those from  my very first one before that.) For those from my first account, I have been going by Pin the Panda, a username named after both my very first and Sonic OC, for quite a while. I have decided to (mainly) go by Pin the Lop Bunny for now on and Nixp the Nobody (or Nixp) for my personal (that and gaming if not the other. This DA username currently has a completely different name from the established two from where I was still trying to figure things out. It needs changed whenever I have the chance.) I have several reasons for this: 1) I did not feel that Pin the Panda connects with me deep enough. Although I do like pandas, I like Lop rabbits a lot more. 2) I feel that the name of my Sonic OC really needs to be changed. I’m starting to look at his name and think that it doesn’t really make sense for him to have the word Panda in his full name when he isn’t exactly a panda. 3) For Pin the Lop Bunny specifically, I been thinking about my future and wanted something else for me to go by and be reconized by a name that is unique to me thus the birth of that name.

Getting to what I am doing with my social media and accounts, the reason I created new ones (mostly) instead of just renaming existing ones (in most cases) is because I want to start fresh (basically reboot my accounts.) There are some things I said in the past, liked, faved, don’t really care about anymore, ect. that I don’t want linked to me now as an individual going forward in what I want to try and pursue in my life as a creative individual. I also have several accounts for twitter, tumblr, Instagram, ect. instead of just one to be using for a specific purpose (1 for my main, 1 for personal, 1 for art for the time being since I’m not someone like Vivziepop who can post art on the same account as where I make tweets and retweets for most cases.) I was also careless with one if not more account(s) where Starting fresh is a must.

There are other things that I feel needs to be covered and is important that I do. I been thinking about deactivating my old DA accounts (after renaming them to say dead account or something like that) as an extra measure to keep myself from being linked to what I said in what place and so on on being that I am a different person from what I used to be and don’t really care about certain things anymore. Rather I decide to do so or not I will go ahead and go through my old accounts to re-add certain stuff and remove other things in my favorites and watch list. Getting to the most important part I need to cover, for the individuals that I stopped watching and/or don’t add to my watch list again on my new DA account rather some were watching me back or not, my reason for it is nothing personal. I appreciate the watch back for those who where and wish you luck in life.

I believe I have covered everything here. To everyone that watched me on my old account, faved my stuff, ect., thank you so much. I hope to be able to get my art going on a more regular bases. My art will be on a completely different account though. When it’s ready, I will put up a link to my main/art DA account.



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I was going to write my first Journal entry for this new DA account but I am way too tired to do that right now. I can barley think about what to write in it even.
Welp, I almost have all my new social media set up the way I want it. Can't quite figure out how to get Tumblr to work the way I want as far as links in the description goes and redirecting to my new main tumblr blog.


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