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I love BioShock *__* But unfortunately there was no character for me in the first two parts of the game. Then came Elizabeth : D
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Why hello there Ms. Comstock.
OMG! She's really real! 😄 
You ARE Elizabeth! 10/10 :-D 
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Wow -- very beautiful. Great work.
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Beautiful girl!!
Wow... you're so beautifull)
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This is one of the best cosplays of Elizabeth I've seen!
I'm working on my cosplay for her. Where did you buy the wig, and what material did you use for the jacket and dress? If you don't mind me asking.
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The best Elizabeth cosplay.
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dang perfect! great Elizabeth. She is easily my favorite woman in video games. 
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Absolutely PERFECT!!!
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heads or tails?
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the only reason this character exists is for cleavage, and this girl doesnt have any.
also im sick of this appearing in the related images, 5 years later. its clear its only popular for one reason.
god damn. people love this because they can look at the tits and pretend they like it for some other reason.
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I think the main reason they have her a revealing dress is because they wanted you to in some way fall in love with the character, and they nailed the personality with the acting but another way to get people attached to a woman is by adding a sense of lust. But I do agree they did go a bit overboard on that 😆
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