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Inner Juxtaposition of Memory

Funny thing about memories is that they depend not only on a particular event memorized, but also on the moment of flashback. A memory is a union between a past event and a present state. The most precious autumn memory of my childhood – the falling colorful leaves, I express today by means of fashion. This is the stage of my life I find myself at. I wonder, what would replace the buttons ten years from now.

Custom made 35/25/15 cm diorama box made of glass planes, buttons, corrugated pasteboard and magic powers.
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Jenthura's avatar
Wow, I thought it was digital artwork when I saw the thumbnail. Kudos!
thanks, Jenthura.
Why-did-Kenji-die's avatar
considering buttons have been around since the dawn of time, i doubt theyll be replaced anytime soon O.O
juliedillon's avatar
I'm really sorry that this got removed from the semi-finalists. It's a nice concept, and incredibly cleanly executed. I hope they at least give you an explanation for why it was taken down.
Thank you guys, for the support.
Limelight-Night's avatar
looks like dA revoked your prize. that's messed up and im sorry that happened to you.
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
Great job!! One of the most creative things I've seen here in a long time! Reminds me of conceptual models done by architects and other designers!! :D I bet you can stare at this box all day and just be happy!!!
It seems as if you have quite a few haters out there by reading the journal on the semifinalists, but worry not. I think this is an awesome entry and am so glad you are a fellow finalist! Way to go thinking outside the box, inside the box; if that makes any sense?! lol I love the execution of this and your description is fantastic. Well said, my friend!
x-Angel0's avatar
Yay I was hoping your entry enter the semi finals! Gambatte and awesome work!
catluvr2's avatar
That is cool.
xBeautifulDreamerx's avatar
My goodness, this must have taken you forever to construct! But I can assure you it was well worth the effort. :)

Phenomenal execution, creative idea -- this truly has a lot going for it. I love this work not just for the contest, but as a work of art in general. I feel very happy to include this among my favorites.

Best of luck with the contest -- I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
Romeoartist's avatar
uhmmmmm is this digital ?? it seems toooo perfect. im not hating or anything
Romeoartist's avatar
The shading on everything looks like The Gouraud shading for Maxon cinema 4d. And there no reflections on the glass and it seems like you used soft shadow mapping as well.(please dont hate me for saying this)
I'm flattered, but it is not digital:

Romeoartist's avatar
OK then WHOOOW, its sooo perfect
mangasockattack's avatar
Great concept! I like the colors~
TessKaneArt's avatar
I love this concept! The colors are beautiful and I love the construction. Really cool job. :D
zohreh1991's avatar
yingmakes's avatar
Wow, that's a really interesting entry!
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