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Heroes of Storm

Hi, i did some sprite pieces motivated by HOTS, this time is a bit special for me because i grew up playing all main Blizzard sagas and now we have a game to play with all their characters like they used to be.
Those big sprites are killingme +_+ i think they tookme like 2 mounth more or less to finish the 8 all. I did two of each game, Some of they are my own OW predictions as a new Heroes for the game :P. Hope you like them.
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wow really cool
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These are all sick! Very impressive work. 
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It's very nice!
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Oh? This is very nice I do like what I'm seeing~ Keep doing okay? Do some more like this^^
You know, it's funny, but there's a non-zero chance that the Overwatch characters know who the StarCraft characters are, and are freaking out internally over the fact that they're in the same place now. Of course, D.Va definitely knows who they are, and freaks out externally in pre-battle dialogue with them...
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Yeah, it's nice to see that Blizzard remembered D.Va was a pro StarCraft player, and had her react appropriately to fighting alongside Kerrigan herself.
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i encountered this dialouge when i was lt.morales and there was an ally
another piece of dialouge i enjoy is when lucio says to E.T.C. "i bet we can make some awesome remixes together"
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Looking Great! :D
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this is very very awesome man!! love all the little details you put in their
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They are fantastic!
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Awesome pixel art!! Keep it like this, it's incredible :D
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Hey! Would you mind if I mash up a channel art for my youtube channel out of your work? it is amazing! I will credit you for it of course! <3
Reaper and winston <333
More Overwatch heroes plss
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Reaper and winston
damm bro, well done
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TÍO. están todos geniales, te felicito!!!!
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Muchas gracias :)
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:O wow! amazing work!!! as usual! :)
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They are awesome but something feels off with reapers arm (the one in the background)
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Dat Lich King. Dat Morrigan.
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