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Fight of Thrones

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Hi! Again with GoT sprites, this time i want to do a kind of project imagining the characters in a fighting game with a pixelated style.
My plan is to add a new character every week starting with: ( ---> following order)

- Jon Snow
- Ned Stark
- Robert Baratheon
- The Hound (Sandor Clegane)
- Cersei Lannister

- The Mountain (Gregor Clegane)
- Jaime Lannister
- Theon Greyjoy
- Loras Tyrell  
- White Walker

- Robb stark
- Tyrion Lannister
- Khal Drogo
- Melissandre
- Arya Stark

- Joffrey Baratheon
- Stannis Baratheon
- Brienne of Tarth
- Gendry
- Daenerys Targaryen

- Bran Stark and Hodor
- Oberyn Martell
- Ygritte
- Ramsay Bolton
- Grey Worm

- Jorah Mormont
- Varys
- Petyr Baelish
- Yara Greyjoy
- Tywin Lannister

--Secret Characters --

- Syrio Forel
- Pyat Pree
- Jaqen H'ghar
- Samwell Tarly
- Unella

Feel free to "play" trying to know who will be the next one :)

Note about Ned: I know that for him is most characteristic his winterfell clothes but i want to represent a variety of "jobs" and i think that the hand of the king is perfect for him, that means that another character will have for sure winterfell skins.

Note about robert: his armour doesn't appear on the show but there are several images around internet with this design. 

Note about Cersei: First girl on the rooster, she's not a fighting character but she often talks about her "fight" intentions, i based the sprite on a promotional show photography that shows Cersei with a dagger

Note about Danerys: incoherence between her outfit and her dragons by design.

Note about Oberyn: i wanted to give him yellow colors according dorn's typical clothes instead the brown ones of the show on his fight scene.

Jon update: i have changed his eyes from blue to brown (i don't know why i put them on blue at first :S)

Stannis update: i have improved a bit his face to do it more similar to the show's stannis



Thank you all who followed this little project and plays on it during all this time, but everything has an end : ( May be we can met again with a new season? who knows ; )

I must say goodbye with the last entry: Unella. SHAME!.

See you all and thanks again! 

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This is awesome