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Dashyu Dashyu ni Shiteageru (She'll Dash Dash You)

UPDATE: This deviation had been featured in Equestria Daily's 1403rd Drawfriend Stuff! Chevk it and tons of other great pieces here:…

Here is another My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Hatsune Miku crossover! This time, while I have done this mashup before, I decided to make this one about a specific song: Miku Miku ni Shiteageru (shiteanyo!) or in English: "I'll Miku Miku You! (fo realz!)" This was a ton of fun I think Miku and Dash make a good crossover. Don't think so? Look up the songs "Ura Omote Lovers" or "Rin Chan Now" and tell me Miku doesn't love speed. Poor little Hachune Dashyu tripped in a very uncomfortable place...
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Looks nice good job X3
AllyEnderman's avatar
Hatsune? Fastsune.
Prism-S's avatar
So much majestic rainbow pony~

Definitely a winner here~
Oriwhitedeer's avatar
Sankyu! I want to do an updated Dashyu per year :)
Prism-S's avatar
I will look forward ta it~!
iPonimeOtaku's avatar
Have you thought of more crossovers? For instance, Kill la Kill with Dash as Ryuko, Twi as Satsuki, and Pinkie as Mako
Oriwhitedeer's avatar
Oh I love crossing over pony. My big crossovers are Vocaloid and Pokemon at the moment but in always open to suggestions/commissions. :)
iPonimeOtaku's avatar
There could be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu X Pinkie crossovers I guess
Pinkie seems to be the type wearing Harajuku clothing all the time
Oriwhitedeer's avatar
Depends on what group she belongs to. When I was in japan I hung out at Meijijingumae and there weber many peeps dressed up like her at all; then again that was 10 ish years ago so that might have changed of course. Back then it was mostly goth lolis and visual kei peeps
Tommypezmaster's avatar
Loving the fitting title
clubpenguin1's avatar
woow so awesome :)
LoudlyTransparent's avatar
my friend will love this xP
DavidCurser's avatar
Meh is aproving this
eddywardster's avatar
Two of my favorite entertaining figures in one artwork. Great crossover!
DeJiKo07's avatar
krida2's avatar
Awesome job.  World needs more mlp miku crossover art. :)
Oriwhitedeer's avatar
AGREED! I just wish there was a pony I strongly felt would go with Rin :/ I need pound and pumpkin cake to grow up so I can Rin and Len them :3
krida2's avatar
heh they would make perfect pair, but for time being only pair that comes to mind is maybe aloe and lotus
Makenshi179's avatar
Awesome crossover! :D I find it even more fitting because of how MLP and Vocaloid are similar, in the way their communities both produce a lot of fan works ^.^ And I couldn't be more grateful about it. You're a part of both! :D
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No words to describe how awesome it is. Buck yeah! It kicks ass!
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