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Zebes cave

By Orioto

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© 2009 - 2021 Orioto
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This has been my phones lock screen for over a year. Just that good.
Lifeisawonderfulshit's avatar
I observe this art listening to Guts's theme in Berserk. It feels great!
greg323's avatar
I wish Nintendo would make another 2D Metroid game...
LachlanX's avatar
One of my favorite pieces ever.
bsg57a's avatar
Sure plenty have said this, but saying it again. This is the visual direction they need to take the series. 
Arwing10's avatar
...If they remade the old metriod, and it looked like this, I'd sooooooo play it.
archmsx's avatar
At first glance this seemed Abuse!
Dedeko's avatar
My personal favorite. Words cannot describe.
Seblecaribou's avatar
Celui ci est juste fantastique!
Very nice! I just ordered a framed print of this, it will be very nice to have on one of my walls : ) If they manage to deliver it all the way here (I live in Sweden, (first time I order from redbubble)) undamaged, I will definitely order some more of your works.
Orioto's avatar
Nice i hope it's ok !
I got it, and it was in perfect condition. I have ordered two more of your framed prints now. It will look very good on my so far empty apartment walls. Video game art is very hard to find, I'm glad I found redbubble and your works.
Orioto's avatar
Niiiiice i'm happy to hear that :)
Elemental226's avatar
Man, imagine if this was actually the art style for the next Metroid game. You need to put in an application to Nintendo. :)
Sheepova's avatar
WoW dude... Now that's just sick!
Deamonen's avatar
Incredible work. I just want to say that you inspire me very much with your drawings.
DefenderOfTheFlowers's avatar
now that's impressive!
Jason-de-LEpee's avatar
Dude, it really is like concept background art for a movie! Fantastic!
Angel-Die's avatar
Wow this is awesome! you captured the dark environment perfectly^_^
joaoffrocha's avatar
This is amazing! Great job!
SlaterDies's avatar
It's a shame all games (most licenses) have resorted to 3D roaming (or FPS)... this here... is how the progression should have happened. Excellent work!
Awesome work.
I love Metroid series
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