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Hi! May I use it in my blog? It would be a background image part of a new and temporary skin (we will change to another theme on half September). The middle would be covered with columns and the blog content. Of course, a direct link to your Deviantart, Patreon, Twitter or whatever you prefer would be posted.
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May I use this for an osu! beatmap?
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What is that
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oh for the lords of everything that's cute and happy, that's the most positive piece of artwork I've seen in a VERY long time :iconloveloveplz: It's just fantastic and you captured Yoshi's roudness perfectly too!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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This is exactly what Yoshi's New Island or any new Yoshi's Island games need to look like. Exactly this. This is truley a masterpiece.
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Hey, I've seen your paintings for a looong time now, excellent, brilliant work. But did you remove the Download button, or is it a dA thing? Also, I may be wrong here, but I think you had another Mario painting.. didn't you? =]
Cheers, and Merry Xmas.
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Thx, yes just browse my gallery there are lots of mario painting
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Wonderfully done! It brings back the warm, adventurous feeling of the game itself. Yoshi Egg 1 Yoshi Egg 1 Yoshi Egg 1 Blue yoshi 
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imagine a game with these grapics! well done!!
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Fun. Feelgood art! :-D
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Hey, I've seen this art on YouTube videos (for when people post Yoshi's Island music). So this is the original? Cool work!
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The soft fluffy ground tickles the pleasure center in my brain. Currently my twitter background. Kudos for this one ^(^-^)^
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Just letting you know, I'm using this as the border artwork for my Let's Play of Yoshi's Island and I made sure to credit you. If you like to see it here is a link: [link]
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nice, no prob!
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While there's more of a watercolor feel here than the game's crayons, it's still extremely faithful to the Yoshi's Island style. You did a great job. Now you've left me wanting a Yoshi watercolor game for home console. Time to start a petition that'll never get anywhere...
This is so gorgeous, and seems very possible on the Wii U! :D

And yes, I know about the upcoming Yoshi's Story successor, which is awesome in its own right. However, I hope Nintendo looks into a Yoshi game in this style, as well.
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When I look at this, I like to imagine Nintendo making a Yoshi's Island Wii U game, and using this exact art style for the graphics (no 3D models, backgrounds, or anything or the sort). Man, that would be so awesome... I'd love to play a game that looks like this (and considering the Wii U's graphic capabilities, I'd think it'd be completely possible).

(...though that's assuming we get another Yoshi's Island game.)

Anyhoo, that's just wishful thinking. As for the picture itself, I think you did a great job on it. Again, makes me wish I could play what I described above.
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