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War Zone


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Omg Gun Star Heroes!! This was the very first video game i ever managed to beat from beginning to end. I love this, great job.
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whoou goood!
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mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
this is so overrated
Benj18BK's avatar
Awesome game! Awesome art! Keep up the good work! :D
YxIxG's avatar
One of my favorite games of all time. Long live treasure.
GuaIich0's avatar
This is awesome!
Really enjoy this artwork!
it would be nice you try to make some SFIV wallpaper, this style + ink style would be awesome
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DeepBoss's avatar
This is nicely done. I loved all these old games made by Treasure.
DeathChronx's avatar
I love Gunstar Heroes!!!
DeathChronx's avatar
I love Gunstar Heroes!!!
BlackHammer-0001's avatar
Whoa. This is some of the best I've seen for fanart! Gunstar Heroes for the win!

only two soldiers? heh the empire must be having cutbacks
renslo689's avatar
Yet again another Awesome piece. Gunstar heroes is one of my all time favourite sega games. You rock dude! :)
Animeguy2005's avatar
OMG!! this was the second video game i ever beat. I used to play this one all the time. Thank you again for the pic it is awesome.
captainlasergun's avatar
yeah, I remember when I played it!
gunstar heroes ftw :3
SeveringShadows's avatar
mind if i use this pic for something? all credit will be given, and i can slap a watermark if needed.
Orioto's avatar
for what lol ?
SeveringShadows's avatar
Just a review i wanted to do. I mention how zunes are tanks and can outstand war, I've seen this picture before, so i thought i would ask.
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SeveringShadows's avatar
i just wanted to slap a zune on this as a background.
wizard-of-ozzy's avatar
Awesome! I heart Gunstar Hero!
P14Y4H0N3's avatar
this is awesome
psychosparrow's avatar
Man does that take me back @@ Never got to play Gunstar Heroes but it looked gorgeous at the time. Maybe something else to do before the zombiepocalypse of 2015.
ivy-poison's avatar

Gunstar Heroes eeeeeever!
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