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Upside Down Nightmare

Did you see #strangerthings ? LIMITED PRINT FOR SALE:…

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Might i have your permission to use this for my Stranger things fan-fic on, good sir or madame?
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Binging on the session 2 right now. Great one!!!
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Loved the show! This is Amazing...
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Beautiful depiction!! :iconheartblueplz:
Hey! This is Gisela from CBS News. We're working on a feature on Stranger Things and want to highlight some of the amazing fan art. Can we air yours with credit to you on our platforms and affiliates? Let me know, please email perezg(at)cbsnews(dot)com
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Very nicely done.
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This is great! Loved that show
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Is Awesome!!
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love this pic. awesome show btw.
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I LOVE THIS SHOW. Sorry, I'm good now. I really dig this piece, too. You captured not only the look but also the mood of the show. Great job.
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This is WOW! It even took me a few seconds and reading the title to understand what I just saw. The longer you watch, more you can see the details. And I love the puddle that shows the real world. Good story-telling! Clap 
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Love this.  Glad to see a piece for this amazing show.
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Man this is a great series, it's an interesting mix of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.
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And Carpenter!
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I want to see stranger things! Anyway great work with this one! :)
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Holy crap! I did not expect a Stranger Things piece from you! Nice job!

EDIT: Maaan, upon further observation, this piece is even more incredible than I initially realized. You have the light world reflected upside-down at the bottom. That is so flipping (no pun intended) cool.
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It's not a reflexion haha, thx :p
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It is in my intended context.
Fort Byers! And the Demogorgon looks TERRIFYING! Fantastic job, as always, Ori!
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