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Underwear Crusade

A Ghouls'n Ghost inspired piece for you all, enjoy! See i'm back with new art now :p

Go to my store for print! [link]

For the wallpapers, [link] or find it on the internet ;)
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nnf247's avatar
I hate this game but I love this art.
Haaaaaaa! Oh that's great :D. The rest of the scene has great atmosphere and detail for a spoooky adventure, but then we have poor old Arthur getting grabbed by a mindless little corpse bent on feasting on his ankles.

Very nice work, love it!
killjoySG's avatar
Because manly knights wear heart-covered undies.....
archmsx's avatar
Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing...
I-am-a-fish's avatar
This game used to scare me so much when I was younger (and it still kinda does!)
But I love the atmosphere in this piece though, it certainly fits with the game! :)
Connorses's avatar
Fantastic as always.
hughtheindestructibl's avatar
very well done, i remember playing this game very badly
DesignFathoms's avatar
Use to love ghost'n goblins and ghouls'n ghost. Go the entire game trying not to get hit, then they tell you to do it over a second time! :O
jaqcuelyn's avatar
Very nice:D Keep going!:D
Ratsuterra's avatar
Man you artwork is like beyond cool
ghoulbug's avatar
Why do I get the feeling this was inspired by the PSP version?
Orioto's avatar
not specially
lost-royo's avatar
un mec en caleçon au milieu des zombies...

heureusement qu'on sait qu'il s'agit d'un jeu.

Très beau travail en tout cas :)
Hergman's avatar
hahahaha excellent!

i didn't realize what it was about at first but then i saw the character
shadowbane2009's avatar
how long has it been....oh my gawd how many years since I picked this one up? I know somewhere between 2002 and 2003 I picked this back up on the emulators cause this was a game I loved all the way back to I think 1991...all I can remember is being in 3rd grade I think lol. Loved this game to death LMAO. Great image and great memories from this. =)
NollieFlipX's avatar
I didn't understand the idea behind it before figuring out the knight using his underwear XD Damn it was one hard game. Great job as always Orioto-san =p
mortalshinobi's avatar
very lifelike scenery here.
unconscious-science's avatar
Never really was a fan of Ghouls n' Ghosts/Ghosts n' Goblins; the game-play doesn't appeal to me. Not one of my favorite pieces, but not bad.
201d's avatar
Very well done, truly captures the spirit of the game but would still make sense to someone who doesn't know the game.
erori's avatar
Never played Ghouls'n Ghosts. Is it as hard as Ghosts'n Goblins?
mlsterben's avatar
The first time I played Super Ghouls and Ghosts I thought the game was glitched. A giant rock spire stood before me at the very outset of the game and I could not jump over it. I returned it to the video rental store, frustrated. I later learned that you can double jump.

True story. :D
gaaradesertdreams's avatar
...Wow. Teach me how to do backgrounds like that! That's awesome.
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