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Toxic Planet

#Super Metroid

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This piece is a testament to what good fan-art represents, you get to see Samus in all her glory doing what she does best.

- Positives -
The light hues you used really makes it feel cold with the deep blues and purples giving it the "toxic planet" you were going for.

The coloring work is amazing with subtle differences throughout the piece in shading and blending

The light green used bottom right draws your eye immediately to the Metroid then naturally ramps it down towards Samus.

- Negatives -
The two large white areas immediately to the left and right of Samus seem out of place and almost unfinished.

The depth of field is rather harsh close up (as it should be) but then doesn't gracefully blend in throughout the piece, it's as if there's a beautiful painting that has just had a depth of field border applied.

The falling snow doesn't seem random enough for genuine show, the particles look too big and uniform.

- Improvements -
I don't get the feeling of movement from the piece, the Metroids seem frozen in the air instead of hurtling towards Samus, in addition the trail from the gun seems oddly a-symmetrical.

- Summary -
A beautiful piece of fan-art!
Hey, maybe Nintendo will see this and it will influence either the 2D or 3D metroid games they say they're gonna make
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I love this one. Nice work.
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Very Awesome!
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This is awesome, man!
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Samus in action! Yeah!
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This environment reminds me of the pink area of Brinstar in Super Metroid. Nice!
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May I use this as a cover for my Metroid novel? [link]
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As long as it's not commercial yes
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Wonderful! I'm going to take you up on that. You can download the novel at It's free, and I wrote the whole thing myself.
Simply put: stunning. Beautiful stuff; thank you for sharing!
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It's beautiful and full of details!
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This is astounding!
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amazing work - i tell you why- because i am really think nausiccaa's world completley feel like metroid!!
The only thing that bothers me is that her arm cannon seems to be on the wrong arm - left instead of right. Otherwise, great use of bright colors. It goes against the dark, brooding nature of Metroid seen in a lot of other Metroid fan art/concepts.
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I'm not arguing that it IS on the wrong arm (amazing work anyways ^^) but wouldn't it make more sense to have it on her left arm? if she's right handed that is.
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Oh Dios mio!! MEtroid!!! :iconiwantitplz:!!
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It looks almost like that one area of Brinstar from Super Metroid before you get to Spore Spawn. Awesome! I bet this will make an excellent wallpaper.
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if by toxic you mean wonderful to look at, then I don't mind
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What an excellent work !
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I only wish they made games this beautiful and playable, that would simple be outstanding. Beautiful work, keep up the good work.
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