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Through the night


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Seems Nintendo took some inspiration of this for the new Link's Awakening, huh?  Tilt shift and glossy finish 
Stunning. There was something sooo satisfying about those Link to the Past house doors. I can't put my finger on it.
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OMG this is amazing :O !!! would you please reupload the Wallpapers? link redirects to your gallery, i cant foud the wallps on the internet, i need 1080p res por bigger  plz :C
maryland-virginia's avatar
Perfect work done! you did an amazing art design :)
VelvetRain's avatar
This is such an amazing piece. I love it like crazy! My favorite game of all time.
LinkWannabe42's avatar
My gosh, this is incredible!
How do you make these, if I may ask? They're so detailed~Heart Heart Heart 
Would love to have seen a making-of-video of this! Looks amazing!
Narchy13's avatar
I so want this, more than anything in the word right now, for the game to be remade in this style.
If we could somehow get a group started to do this...would you be on board?
Orioto's avatar
That wouldn't be legal :p
Narchy13's avatar
Plenty of people have made mods/skins for old SNES games like this.
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Tout y est : les premières secondes de découverte du monde d'hyrule, cette ambiance pluvieuse inquiétante ; pour une "image-scene" culte du jeux vidéo 16bits !
link to the past + wind waker :DDDD <3 <3
dth02's avatar
This is awesome. It really captures the first moments of this game. Well done!
F0rce-Kin's avatar
this is hella tight

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Awesome work bro that shit is amazing! This is one of my favorites!
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There is simply not enough words in excistens for how much I love this!!!! 
firebird97's avatar
This is what I imagined it like as a kid. Fantastic job!
ABetterBadger's avatar
Really cool. 5 stars.
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I just had a huge nostalgia feels-trip looking at this. Link to the Past was my very first Zelda game. This is incredibly lovely!
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Link to the Past really had a powerful sense of melancholy. You've captured it well.
You should remake the whole game like this. lol.
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