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This picture is quite impressive for sure, even the colors are harmonising each other well. But I think that the ground is a little bit blurry with less structure. The convertion of a 2D into a 3D perspective is hard for sure, but the hole that the one lemming is digging looks more like a fosse than a tunnel in my eyes. Maybe the image looks a little bit too saturated and the concrast can be a little bit stronger. Nethertheless it's still a pretty picture and the lighting is beautifull too. I'm afraid that I can't paint such a picture half as good as you've done it. ^^'
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Please make more paintings like this of the different level tiles and stuff. It's beautiful!
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Haha wow, Lemmings, did NOT expect to see this here!
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AMAZING!! I love this little creatures that gave me so much headaches years ago, thanks!
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LEMMINGS!!! :heart: ; _ ;
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Awesome work! But there's no "Download Image" underneath the "Add to Favourites" button.
Got here from NeoGaf.
You sir, are awesome. :D
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was this Photoshop or Corel Painter?
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do you have any tutorials. I would love to know the process you go through.
Sebbythefreak's avatar
Oh god, memories.
cygaj's avatar
Yay! Lemmings are one of my childhood games. You should do some Heroes or Sim City 2000 now. ;)
I love the blending, as well as the use of black. It really draws your focus to the beginning and the end.
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Yay Lemmings! This was one of my first computer games, and I'll always love it. :D
OMG! Fantastic!
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I love lemmings, and you have 666 favs on this deviation now! :D
qdmc12's avatar
..and I do! Well Done!
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Okay, now, I hardly ever find any Lemmings fan art impressive since I've been a big fan of the game since I was 9 or so and now I am 22, I guess I'm expecting a lot and usually fan art just doesn't catch the feeling of the original game. However this one does and goes beyond! I just adore this piece, every detail on it, the lights and the dark shadows. The contrast between the innocent, helpless little lemmings and the ominous athmosphere gives me the chills. If you don't mind I'm gonna use this as my PC wallpaper. Just awesome picture!!
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No prob, thx, great comment :)
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This is so funny! xD
I love that game =)

Great drawing :D
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This brings back so many memories... T_T
Angel-Die's avatar
I LOVE lemmings! one of my favorite games! I really REALLY like this one^_^
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I love lemmings.. the game of my childhood. Can you make 1024x768 version? The wide screen format looks strange when I put it on my 4:3 desktop...
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