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Sonic Boom


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Man I have no words to explain how perfect is this amazing work.
Could you draw Chemical Plant in this same style? I love that pink water lol! Sonic water levels are the best! <3 
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I don't see a neckerchief
tripplejaz's avatar…

Hey man, I'm making a game that's trying to make your dreams come true! This is only an animated concept but, it's getting there in theory!
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Nice and stylished, using as my background!
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Save the planet from disaster!
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You got it! That´s the look and feel a Sonic game should have.
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The original Boom!
Man, I'd love if Sonic Team made a 2D Sonic game with graphics like this. I'd be like if Sonic had a bit of Rayman inspiration in terms of art style! Combine that with the Sonic CD gameplay and Sonic 3 & Knuckles esque level design and you'd have an amazing game :)
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this is the real sonic boom >:l
I mees old sonic :c
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Awesome work here
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Amazing work!
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This is amazing. One of my favorite Sonic games captured beautifully.
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how long did it take to make this?
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i don't know several days, 2 weeks roughly :)
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This, by far, is my favourite piece from you.
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This is beautiful. While you did a great job of adding detail and realism to the Sonic world, what really tops it off is how you managed to make it feel like an actual game level by keeping the foreground and background elements out of focus compared to the main path. You're a very clever artist.
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Palm hill island zone

Palmtree panic: Enemies

Green Hill: Pallet color scheme and palm trees
Angel island: rocks in the back look like the rocks in this
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I love how you can see Robotnik in the background =D
SuzyQ2pie's avatar
Awesome! Love the bright colors, especially of the bricks under the grass. :)
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