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This deviation is just mind-blowing especially seen through the eyes of a Final Fantasy VI fan.

The feel of this perfectly captures the opening scene from the game. One of the most striking things about this is the fact that instead of creating his own look of the characters, he incorporated Amano's original style and polished it to bring the scene to life.

Viewing this work is almost like jumping into the game and seeing this scene from a different but refreshing angle. The snow falling and swirling all around them on the peak perfectly adds to the atmosphere of the scene. The look on Terra's face easily captures her mindless emotion from the slave crown.

Amazing work. Bravo Orioto!
Excellent piece! I'd be nice if Vicks and Wedge had a little more emotion, they seem stiff, but the atmosphere is amazing. You can almost feel the chill wind biting your face.
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This has been my wallpaper for the past 5 years or so...!

Unfortunately, I now have a triple monitor setup! Can you make it wider? :D
Orioto's avatar
no but you can put it 3 times ;)
TomatoShadow's avatar
Haha, je pourrais, en effet!

Je crois que je vais plutôt acheter un gros cadre de redbubble eventuellement... C'est vraiment ma préféré de toutes tes oeuvres! FF6 est mon jeu favori et les fanarts de grande résolution et de belle qualité ne sobt pas très nombreux... Donc j'ai utiliser ton image comme fond un peu partout dans les dernières années! Je t'encourage vivement d'en faire plus de ce même jeu! :D
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nice!! though the armors are kinda hard to see,i mean you get the general shape but they're kinda dark.faved though because i just love the game ^^
archmsx's avatar
The snow effect is plain awesome.
Curious--Rabbit's avatar
Agh.... so.. awesome..
Neko-Fantasy's avatar
omgosh!!! amazing!!!!
KMDragon's avatar
Wow this is stunning and i got linked from RPG Fan as well. This is very impressive.
CanOPeas's avatar
I also saw this on RPGfan. I am at loss for words.
Letdragon's avatar
Got linked here from RPGFan. This is beyond stunning :0
Lionheart1827's avatar
Amazing. Simply amazing. You definitely should make something from Chrono Trigger!
TomatoShadow's avatar
This has been my wallpaper for more than a year or two now... I'd buy that as a print for sure.
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The soldier's neck is a bit long, but I love it anyway! :+fav:
BrunoLouviers's avatar
Man, I have found my favorite picture of you. Awesome game, awesome work!
Maiden-Ireland's avatar
Amazing!! I am curently playing FF VI :wow:
Reminds me of Odin Sphere.
starfractor's avatar
This is excellent.
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Fun Magitek armor, I get the same eerie and menacing feel i got when i played the original.
I like the way you did Terra.
If only it was in Esper form...

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It's beautiful.
Nice work. I've always loved FFVI, greatest game ever.

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