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Neo16BIT - Super Metroid

By Orioto
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4th entry in my #Neo16BIT series! #supermetroid #metroid

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Wow. The lighting is incredible!

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I think, Samus Returns for 3DS is a mediocre game with awful graphics. This image here is proof, how some great 2D graphics are so much better, than 3D graphics in a 2D view. A Super Metroid remaster with this look - hell, I'd pay full price. Nintendo is stupid to be so ignorant towards their fans.

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i love everything about all of these and i can immediately recognize os many at a glance it's amazing
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woooow this is so sexy
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The lighting effects in this are superb
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Kraid looks like some old reilc.
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This is _gorgeous_. I'd love to see a process video. I'm guessing matte painting, then aliasing, then hand-touchups?
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You have good eyes! Yes but it's not a big matte painting then resizing, it's done at native rez for each element, but with textures etc + shading on top of it without ever resampling anything 
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Okay, yeah that makes sense. Multiple resize attempts would mess with resolution consistency, I would imagine. I'm also curious if you started with the original sprite art in this case.
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For the sprites i use the original as model and i redo it, except for kraid here obviously where i had to use lots of lightning and texturing
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This is sooooo good man, a Metroid game in this style would be perfect I think. The mix between realistic and 16 bit is a perfect medium for a style for a new game imo
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Absolutely stunning <3
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Incredible recreation!
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what is the specification for neo16bit?  is the tile size double the resolution of normal 16 bit?
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You realize it doesn't exist haha, but there are no tiles, it's just modern pixel art done in 640x360 with no color limit!
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haha ok XD
well it looks wonderful and it just inspired me a little.
it takes me back to the days when i used to play snes games with certain resolution sprites and I used to imagine the future of games where the sprites were bigger, but the future turned out differently.
There was only people like SNK who sort of went that direction.
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Actually SNK kept the same resolution until KOF XII :p
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oh damn! okay thanks :)
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HOly fffffff-! *completely blown away*
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This was the moment when the player realized that Kraid really isn't as much as a pushover as he seemed in the first Metroid game, even though he's giant (and still a pushover.)

That said, epic work as always.
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Your art always makes me go "Holy shit" when I see it in my feed.
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