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Nazca River Jungle


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Super Aleste / Space Megaforce is a great SFC shmup. I'll have to play it again sometime.
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un super jeu que ce super aleste bourré de niveau et d'effets spéciaux ( le fameux mode 8 en action pour les puristes)

j'aimerais beaucoup un jeu avec ce genre de patte graphique...
Rayenart's avatar
Et oui ! Super Aleste, c'était la bonne époque ! ^^
MasterPhantasos's avatar
This is really damn impressive. I have this game and you managed to capture the feel quite well.
Frankkaiba's avatar
Nice job!!

Looking at it reminds me of Star Soilder R
ScottyShines's avatar
Super Aleste sounds better than Space Megaforce. Awesome work.
SpaghettiOh's avatar
Space Megaforce here in the States... I love this game! Great Job!
GuitarOtoko's avatar
That is a truly awesome painting :D
keeperxiii's avatar
I love that game!
I used to played all afternoon, anyway, great painting man :D!
FaRReR's avatar
This looks a lot like the Nanostray series of games. :)
wesleypires's avatar
Oh man, vertical scrool shooters are my favorite type of game. Maybe i can wait a drawning from the Dreamcast Game Ikaruga?
michelle77's avatar
I remeber this. It look crisp clean here, nice job.
carra's avatar
This game was SO AWESOME. You show great taste by including it in your HD picture series hehehe
UnholyLegion's avatar
OMFG Super aleste rox the fuckin' clox!
XxFlyingxSoldierxX's avatar
This is wickedly awesome.
Monation's avatar
I never played this one, but I loved "Raptor: Call of the Shadows" for PC. Played it like crazy and it was so entertaining.
FCM-NileSnake's avatar
Everything here looks great to me! Good you reminded me of this game, haven't finished it yet.
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Nice work! Beautiful! :)
aragorn3000's avatar
Je suis un peu deg je connais même pas ce jeu :O J'irai l'essayer un de ces jours alors ;)

En tt cas niveau artistique je trouve toujours ça très beau :)
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