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October 25, 2013
Miyazaki Fresco by *Orioto
A masterful fanart of Miyazaki's work. It is beautiful and creative and reminds us why we like Ghibli film, this artwork does Miyazaki justice. well done
Featured by Ry-Spirit
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Miyazaki Fresco

So this is it, a poster with every Miyazaki movies, to celebrate his retirement!

It’s roughly 50 hours of work, and --++It's not available fro sale anymore. It was there one month!--++…

If you want more details :…

(small update)
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© 2013 - 2021 Orioto
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Personally, I got out of the habit for writing critics, only because of the hundred word minimum policy, and because there's not much to be said. Other than the fact that this is a Daily Deviation (congratulations, by the way), I kinda laughed when first seeing this picture. Not because it was bad, because of how true; Every major movie by Hyozaki all in one with the appearance of all his thoughts and everything pretty much in a nutshell. Other than the fact that it's been said for the infinite time already, this picture is purely epic. The visionary is prefect, without the use of any outlining, and where everything comes together considerably well is impressive. And although this critique is more of a comment, I seriously cannot find any flaw in it, whatsoever.
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You're welcome! ^^
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This is so cute !! *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
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- The Miyazakian-Universe in a nutshell ;) - Nice tribute, i appreciate it :)
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Thank you for remembering to include Castle of Cagliostro. Sometimes I feel like that movie gets no respect.
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Amazing job!! It's so cute and so touching!!
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This is so beautiful!  *wants to go back and watch some more Miyazaki films...*
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how beautiful is thissssss
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OMG.... very beautiful.............Clap I LOVE YOUR WORKClap ..............
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awawawawawaw so cute :D <3
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This has brought a humongous smile to my face. It's super cute.
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Rha c'est trop magnifique !
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haven't you added Arietty?
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Not a Miyazaki movie
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I found on the imbd website that Arrietty was written by thim though :/
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Yes but those are the movies he directed :p
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