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Though Orioto chose this time for a different, more simple technique, it does tend to work in his disfavour, as well in his favour.

Many followers we're expecting something 'traditional' from Orioto, as his work comes as a surprise every time. When i first saw this work, i - as some more of us might have felt - felt dissapointed. Mainly because Orioto's traditional style isn't really used here. The fact that this artwork isn't that different from the looks with the original, makes for a less impressive impact.

It actually doesn't look like a remake this time, but more, just a piece of 2D art. I feel that they're could've been done a lot more, starting off with the background; it's not as detailed as it could be. The blocks have they're 'unique' style, but Nintendo's own 2D style over-shadows Orioto's to be honest.

There are also some positive things; being so overwhelmed every time by Orioto and his make-overs sets a new bar for his next work. I think i (we) need to step a bit back, and accept that some things are meant to be simplistic once in a while, and this artwork is a great example. Though not as spectacular as previous artwork, i still see this as going down memory lane, but not with the 'wow!' effect.