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Look at those quiet Children

By Orioto
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Mhhh, a meh one this time.

Jiraia, youg jiraiya cause i can't do older people^^ I have to stop making side people to hide the eye i missed ;)

Anyway, i can't success all the time, hahaha^^''

As usual, cause some people didn't undestand yet :

Done with photoshop, a photo for the base of the face (but transformed, so there is nothing anymore from the photo), and everything else digi painted :)
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it's called photomanipulating and I think people would understand better if you'd put them in that category, so you wouldn't have to explain it in every picture .
Reminds me of Dante , anyway you're quite good at paintovers/photomanipulations so keep it up. I tried it once and failed XD so Im sticking to anime style
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Great pic! I really love the expression on his face :heart:
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his really ulquiorra alike from bleach.
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Do you mind if we use your picture for our AMV/Slideshow/whatever we're making? You'll be credited personally of course.
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Ah! He's so handsome! Thanks for this, Jiraiya is one of my favorite characters because he's a writer and perv like me :Aww:
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just out of curiosity, what/ who did you use as the base photo this time?
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i literally went, "WOW".

this is so incredibly amazing
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GREAT JOB. You did his expression SO wellllll!!!!!
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da J-MAN... i hate you orioto! i missed jiraiya T_T
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wow, this is so amazing. reminds me of the crow a little bit. beautiful expression.
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Love it, but I wish it was in color. :D
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that's the sexiest young jiraiya I've ever seen! You're awesome!! I love it <33333
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Jiraya <33 My favorite *__* :D

Great work !! :D
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beautiful shading and contrast! =D
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ahhh...i feel bad :( i thought he might be suigetsu but couldn't tell....until i read the description then noticed the marks on his face :P
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wow! I really love this one the most..i don't know why though. Jiraiya's face looks so mysterious...i love this one.
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Unlike your previous works that looks like it was done using CG (which it is not), this one looks more like a painting. I like it!
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I really like this one, actually, very dignified, like how we know Jiraiya is deep, deeeeeeeep down.
God he's hansdome, great job.
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ah! 8D that looks really nice! i love this. it's nice to see younger pictures of him. he's such a cool guy. ._. <3
very wonderful shading by the way! definite fave.
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