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Lava Ballad


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Pls make a Game whit your Artworks... pls so beautiful, my Childhood Hero 💙

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feels like rayman legends
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It has been (and still is ) by desktop wallpaper image for years. Love it. :) Work great in 4:3 (auto-cropped by windows) or 16:9.
brucelee1325's avatar
Blargg! classic scene from a classic game...done in good taste as well
CutiePieLittleMe's avatar
Very nicely done. :)
You did a fine job, I remember this part from when me and my siblings had a Super Nintendo. The details are amazing. :thumbsup: :lol:
LocoBean64's avatar
Mario's shading fits perfectly with the glow of the lava.

I have no idea what your talking about.
presstartoplay's avatar
Wow, this looks really epic, I love it! Mario looks like his Paper Mario sprite in this pic.
oscar-ojisan's avatar
cute or amazing ..^__^..
onlyhevven's avatar
Your style is so amazing and cool. Love all your works. Damn.
FelipeSilveira's avatar
It's all much beautiful.
rafaelzrt's avatar
Beautiful work :)
lilfixit's avatar
How the heck are you supposed to make that jump in game? lol
Orioto's avatar
i don't know^^
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Love it! Althoug it looked kinda weird when using star power on a blaargh. they didnt have any legs :P
gazornonplat's avatar
This is literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on your DA. I'm in awe.
gazornonplat's avatar
That's fucking gorgeous.
thrik's avatar
No download link so it can be used as a wallpaper? :(
Orioto's avatar
Soon :) follow me on twitter or tumblr and you'll know
balafrus's avatar
like a mcDonald's menu, i'm lovin'it !!

Zerima0's avatar
You did this?! I have seen this in so many different places! It's amazing, man!
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GetDaved from Youtube sent me. He suggested to his audience to check out this particular picture after playing the very level described here in a "Let's Play Super Mario World."

Nice work.
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