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Kashyyyk Battle

A Patreon choosing, #kotor

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This looks amazing, and now there's even a remake (of KotOR) in the works.

If only the team didn't have people who apparently hate the originals.

I really like it. It's perfect to see you back at doing art after several weeks.

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Wow I love the scope, the scene is just as prominent as the combat, so you see the grand scale of the place their fighting really easy. Awesome work with that perspective!

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im not sure what kotor means but is it about Star Wars : Fallen Order?

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Knights Of The Old Republic, a Bioware RPG from the mid-aughts. In the Star Wars timeline, it takes place way before Jedi Fallen Order, or even the Prequels.
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....i feel like ive heard about it before....

Darth Revan?

is that name associated with it?

whoever it is?

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Yes, Darth Revan is a very, VERY important character in the game.
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i just know the name

i don't know what that name does

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Darth Revan and Darth Bane were Jedi heroes of the Old Republic that turned on the Republic (as Sith tend to do). Saying anymore about what happened to Revan is a pretty big spoiler.
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Darth Bane... is it the final boss?

a guy with a metal jaw?

i think i saw that one while watching boss battles

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Yeah, that's the big bad of the first game. The mystery of the game is what exactly happened to Darth Revan.
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