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Ice Climber

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Super Mario Bros. 2 veggie, nice!
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
It'd be awesome if they made a new Ice Climber game. I'd totally buy it.
Edscratch23469's avatar
Shut up and take my money!
SnowmanEX711's avatar
DanOliveira's avatar
maaaan, i can hear the sound of the game in my mind just from look the work kkkkkk
amazing :D
PAMVllo's avatar
Recreation of the original Ice Climber model from Brawl!
angus-beer's avatar
You always do it the best!
PrincesaSevilla's avatar
This reminds me of that stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee...
jiehnav's avatar
This is awesome!

... I really liked this game back in the NES, I think Nintendo should a new version in the Wii U or something with the graphics like this. That would be amazing! Lol.
euamodeus's avatar
It's for the SSBB ? But I have Wii and is not very similar ...
BrokenHAX's avatar
Ice Climbers. *cause dat ice ain't gonna climb itself*.
balafrus's avatar
J'adoooooooooore !
chocoholic01's avatar
mcmasterstb's avatar
This is pure awsomeness! This artwork brings back memories from ears ago!
2fED's avatar
flakes are amazing!
DicesukeInuzuka's avatar
This is just BREATHTAKING!!! \(*0*)/
Carudo's avatar
never liked this game (it was booring! kunio-kun rulz! :D), but when i see this picture i feel some kind of nostalgic mood :)
Ex3vd's avatar
Amazing, very very very beautiful *o*
Meower's avatar
When I was a lad I used to play this game everyday.
SerenadeOmega's avatar
wow, this is so cool, I'd like to see this kind of art style in a remake of the game, that'd be pretty cool. although that's not really within your control... well, a diorama version would be cool as well ^_^;
Daigo-Ro's avatar
Man... You should get a job at Nintendo... XD
Takeli's avatar
The effects of the snow and the ice, the water... I call this awesomeness. You did them so well. I really though it was a Brawl snapshot when I saw.

I wish one day I could draw like this... probably when I get older. I am hopeless.
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