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"Enemy Encounter!!"
"Get Ready, Guys".. .. ....."LET'S ROCK!!!!!"
There is kind of a 3D Phantasy Star called Phantasy Star Online but I suppose it doesn't really relate to the original story.
funkyjeremi's avatar
On croirait une version HD de PS IV , magnifique! ^^ Et oh oui, ce serait terrible un PS V en full 3D mais avec l esprit Old School ^^
ChaosAscension's avatar
*mini freak out* omg! So great.
KeikouUmegaki's avatar
Oh my gosh. This As a big fan of PSIV, I am in awe. Very much approved.
shadowbane2009's avatar
NICE...I loved this game...I loved the action...loved the Music lol...The story was awesome...and this is seriously awesome.
ChaosAscension's avatar
I'm with you on this one. Such a great game!
shadowbane2009's avatar
There was one remix of the final boss to this game that I found that was just DAMN epic...I don't know if I could find it again or not but I will try.
neongreenbassoon's avatar
Wow, this is fantastic! I love seeing Motavia from this point of view! Our three heroes look great and it's always nice seeing something other than character portraits. Great work!
seijiwolf's avatar
TheDogLeech's avatar
You are right to be happy about the positioni of the's absolutely perfect. This is practically legendary in my book.
amazing! fantastic work, and great choice of a game... the monsters in the background look great too...
EpsilonEagle's avatar
Nicely done! PSIV is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, and I think you did the game justice in this picture.
Sebbythefreak's avatar
Oh god, that was one weird game.
DezorianGuy's avatar
I absolutely agree on that one. Fabulous display of our heroes fighting against those locusts midst the deserts of motavia. You made my day, and as good as I know Sega, you made my life - cause this, your respect and still existing genuine interest in PhantasyStar is the biggest progress in the series I can hope for.
Now this would be a cool and atmospheric 3D (that's what count today it seems) PhantasyStar-Game....but no...Sega has abandoned the fans...we aren't the mainstream group they are focussing on anymore.
Hey, hope to see some Shining Force, Landstalker or more Phantasy Star images from you. ;)

Later ace,
DezorianGuy (yes, I am into that series)^^
jeremycards's avatar
frigging awesome! totally loves phantasy star 4!! especially rika :P
MMInfinity's avatar
Amazing job! I'm still upset that they didn't bring Phantasy Star Generations to the international market, or complete the IV remake for the same series.
the7thsamurai's avatar
Now that's a nice piece o fan art right there.
Birdrun's avatar
Ah! You did Phantasy Star! Thankyou so much. I have a new desktop background.
CorrodedEpitaph's avatar
Oh wow, I had to fav. Phantasy Star IV was one of my favorite RPG's of all time. Awesome job as usual!
Awesome, this is going to be my wallpaper for quite a while.
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