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God's Anger

By Orioto
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An almost abstract fanart for an almost abstract chara from naruto, Pein :)

Anyway, i hope i'll make one art for each of his body, cause his piercings are fun to do :)

As usual, done with photoshop : Everything but the face (nose, mouth...) is drawn from scratch, with the face created from photomanipulation (nose, mouth, eyes, nothing exists like that).

update : Thx for the comments, i actually corrected the right part and the lips a little. i hope it's better :)
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Speaking of God and anger, you absolutely must see a quirky old film called Mechanical Violator Hakkaider. This guy created robots (one of them named Michael) to enforce his will and a 'refuge' called Jesus Town where those who don't fit in are reprogrammed. The good guy Hakkaider, a previous version of Michael, fights the creator's reprogrammed and robot army, Michael, and eventually his creator, to free the people including a pretty rebel girl who recruited him. It's a wonderful treat!!!
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I was about to comment and say that it looks like Pein from Naruto, haha
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Is very good...I like your art- think, and pls join my group- a great one,with exquisite artists...and will close soon,our contest,
CRAZYasmyart CREAZYLIKE MY ART-anyway-thanks in advance-KAY-founder
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This will always be one of my favorites
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Awesome, I remember seeing this back in 2007. =)
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This is amazing!~
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I find it wonderful!
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thats scarier than the actually anime.
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I wish my boyfriend looks like him
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Omg he is hooot
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How long did it take you to do it?It's stunning,beautiful and amazing...so seeeexy.
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idk if you can call it art theft, but someone stole your artist's comments LMAO [link] (you're not even the only one that person has stolen from LOL omg)
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You captured the essence of the anger in this picture.
Well done.
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may me and my friends use this for our school project..
which is a magazine(we won't profite from it)??
we will be featuring some artists...
and we would want to use one of your drawings.
if not this one, you can choose one which you will allow us to use... please~~
we will put credits :D
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This one is awesome!!!
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One of the best Pein pic that I ever see!
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