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I saw this circulating online a few years ago - it's excellent!
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you bring back so many memories :). Really nice work man..I love this!
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Wow, superbe! ^^
epilis's avatar
Space Harrier!!!
Elysiumboy's avatar
I'll always love this game!! ^.^
Space Harrier?! That's awesome. Whenever I see your work, I always envision remakes based off your art. Imagine if this picture was in motion or the same for your Sonic works. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!
Vasilisa-Uzhasnaja's avatar
TURBOGRAFIX GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O____O This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I still have it, and my Turbo. OOOOmg, never thought I'd see a fanart of it. And an explosively awesome one at that.
Reno-Awkward's avatar
excellent, really excellent. love the perspective, the angle of the hero, Trees are great, like the one near the explosion. possible more of a sence of movement with the ships however, otherwise great
nicochi's avatar
Amazing!!! I play this game all the time in Shenmue, it's great
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Welcome to the Fantasy Zone... Get Ready!
mcwxxx's avatar
Great choice in keeping w/ the retro colors, the background is really good, and you once again have blown me away with your work.
ayuICHI's avatar
Woah, crazy epic :0
ADivineUnicorn's avatar
Favorite Sega game. This is AMAZING
FranFvG's avatar
Great! Fantastic!
bleedproof's avatar
idk the game (maybe cuz im too young or so)
but i love the colours and the checkerboard landscape<3
Naarouto's avatar
Sympa cette illustration, bien joué pour l'interview dans IG mag et continue comme ça ;)
mcwxxx's avatar
Love this one. What gave you the idea for this one.

You wouldn't happen to have done either old school Zelda/Link one, or Metriod prime(nes) where Samus take off the helmet and reveals you were playing as a girl.
Get Ready!
This is the single coolest thing I have seen all month.
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