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Nostalgia is a powerful thing and can be re-written as "memory pain" but in my opinion, not this time.

Everything about this piece resonates within me. This is an accurate, realistic and exciting depiction of my favourite game of all time. Not only does it bring back fond memories but it also inspires a possible re-imagining of the original game.

From an artistic point of view the colours of the scene work excellently with the terrain. The atmospheric haze really gives a sense of distance and allows an otherwise simple mountain range the depth it needs to look good without being distracting.

The use of the forest is a clever re-imagining of the original games flat green ground and again with the lighting and colour looks great.

The arwings and the boss are rendered in enough detail to look realistic but their shape is true to the original game which is something I particular appreciate.

The special effects used are top notch, especially in the engine trials from the arwings. They really add a sense of motion to the ships which is only reinforced by the motion blur added throughout the scene. However the motion blur is a little too strong in places. The background dogfight would look somewhat better in my opinion if more detail wasn't lost to the motion blur.

In closing this piece is technically and visually impressive and I would love to see more Starwing re-imaginings in future.