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Destiny of Wonders


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Bought an art print of this piece this morning. My sister wants to have a nerdy but fancy theme in her new house and she's a big KH fan... I think she will love it.

As always fantastic, man.
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Nice thx :) Hope she'll like it!
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Perfection! Great job capturing the atmosphere.
And great timing too, considering I'm currently having Kingdom Hearts marathon. 
"Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to end, in hopes that our Hearts will blend.
No I step forward to realize this Dream.
And, who knows? Starting a journey may not be so hard!
Or maybe, it's already begun...
There are many Worlds out there, but there's only one Sora...
One Sora, one Destiny."      -Kairi
(I can't believe I actually managed to write all that from memory. That's how much it's etched into my brain!)
You just made my entire week, Orioto. This is beautiful. And nice detail on the Paupu Fruits! THANKS!
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Heeey, folks - look at those starfishes hanging from the palm. They are awesome!
They're not Starfishes! They're Paupu fruits! And they look AWESOME!
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Hhmm, I search web little bit and mainly all I got was that it is a Kingdom Heart's game imagined fruit..
I almost catched on your remark and started to believe this thing is real. Never heard about such a fruit.

It does look awesome.
Yes, it is imagined for the games. It's said that whoever shares a Paupu fruit will have their Destinies intertwined, so no matter what they always have something to do with each other. So Kairi makes a lucky charm out of one and gives it to Sora, so he feels obliged to return home alive.
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That is kind of slaverish to some degree - this whole thing puts an expectations on you. What if Sora decided at some moment in his life that he is so depressed, upset and bored that he decided he doesn't want return alive anywhere but he does want to start some fun revolt or join some crazy action where he can get killed to get some chillout in his life.

How does that will play out destiny intertwining on Kairi's part? Not that she would be happy - that much I figure out..
Well, first of all, the translation was "one Sky" not "one Sora". However, the word "Sora" means "Sky" in Japanese, so it gives it a lot more sense if it's one "Sora" as the Japanese intended.
Second of all, if they share a Paupu fruit and then Sora decides to suddenly party or relax somewhere in the universe, then she would most likely end up in the same place as him thanks to some plot device or other. Not like Sora would do such a thing. He's too innocent.
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That explains it.

To sum up ... the Paupu fruits are great for everyone. 
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Very beautiful! :)
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Une belle piece sans doute. Amazing work, beautiful lighting and color. Makes me want to give this game another go (first time I stopped at the very beginning due to a bug).
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Ce que j'aime avec tes créations, c'est qu'elles rendent toujours hommage sans déformer le jeu, restituant avec une justesse touchante les scènes originales.

Merci :)
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Merci à toi!
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beautiful scenery and mood
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