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Crystal Catacomb

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From the time when Rockman had good ideas and originality.
Nowadays masterrobots and weapons are so generic (Fire, water, ice, ground, earth, electric)
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Yata-garasUHobbyist Digital Artist
and yet people say that Mega Man 5 sucks and is unoriginal
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WOW!!!!!!!,this is amazing,your art is a gift to mankind!
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PrincesaSevillaHobbyist General Artist
My brother likes playing this. But the game itself is bloody difficult, believe me!
jondavidf's avatar
Orioto, this is just absolutely amazing work! The depth, atmosphere, color, detail, and everything is just perfection. Keep up the awesome work~ :D
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This is amazing. Very well done!
amobile's avatar
it's really beautiful !!!

Do you have any project on SNK artistic view ?
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OriotoProfessional Digital Artist
I would like but it's difficult
Ellucid's avatar
Oh my,.....so beautiful.

Well done!
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SebbythefreakProfessional Filmographer
What do you mean he never looked like the original sprite? Most of the rockman cover arts are pretty much what the sprite looks like.

Anyway, that's a pretty damn awesome picture, the background is really amazing.
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MysteriousMrGlennHobbyist General Artist
Wow! Im sure its been said a 100 times but the way you made the crystals look so realistic makes em jump right out of the page @_@
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This has got to be the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
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MysticalTemptressHobbyist Digital Artist
beautiful! amazing, and stunning. :+favlove:
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Yu-2Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would totally buy a megaman game if it looked this good.
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Phoenix151Hobbyist Photographer
This same style would be cool to see for Iceman's stage in Megaman 2. :D
cakedoer's avatar
It's great, but the whole thing looks too blue in my opinion. I like your other stuff better.
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Did anyone else but me get TOTALLY pissed off at the falling crystals that knock you into the pit, unless your timing is PERFECT? Thankfully CrystalMan wasn't that tough
BiigLord's avatar
Best Megaman picture I've seen for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I bet it's on many a computer's background right now :D
iamthemonkeyhead's avatar
Mega Man looks a little worn. Like his eyes are tired from days of just shooting. Kept awake by the sound of blaster fire and impending death. He injects caffeine into himself and frequently pops an E when he has time.

I feel a little sorry for him. GREAT PICTURE!
panzi's avatar
Yeah, I should go to bed, too. Because I read "...frequently poops an E..." and thought: "WTF?" XD
iamthemonkeyhead's avatar
Though that would be awesome and profitable.
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