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Mayleth's avatar
This is friggin' KICKASS!!! Stunning work
IzakuCruz's avatar
Beautiful work. Looks better than the game itself!
WingedDivinity's avatar
kicking back the energy where it came from! haha
TheArtributor's avatar
Great job on this. Looks like Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo.
Meehyn's avatar
I can almost listen to the background music...
Mordriel's avatar
I love it. Street Fighter was cool ALL the way "back in the day" when the original Street Fighter was released in the arcades. It's STILL cool today. GREAT job. I know how it goes, though... having to force yourself to finish a piece. It sits there. It stagnates. Staring at you. Laughing at you. *chuckles* Until you finish it. That's my take, at least. But this is awesome!! And that's what Guile gets for having that freaking handcuff move! *grumbles* Air Denial!! ... Very pretty Air Denial, too!
HidamaAeturnus's avatar
Dood these remakes are epic!!!
Deathrebellion's avatar
surprising how ur art looks even better than SF 4 O_o
DTokarz's avatar
This is bad ass, i'll incorpoate some of your style into my Guile gallery.
When you get a chance drop by and let me know what you think.
looks liek the original Street fighter artwork..just better :)
great job & wow!
BloodyWing's avatar
Uff .. damn you're good
no it's not good :D

it's amazing superhuman :D
solusauroraborealis's avatar
wow, you can just feel the action!
XxFlyingxSoldierxX's avatar
she just whooped his ass! HA!
it's fantastic picture. you really are amazing at this.
TheToonDevil's avatar
I just love how Chun-Li came out.
And the setting in the back looks great.
You are the best!!!
jc-saves's avatar
great work man. seriously
Barking-Mad2's avatar
you're like... my hero. xD this is an amazing one as well :P
sandrake's avatar
ah yes i know that girl form som game i was playing when i was jong XD
ph15h's avatar
Fuckin' awesome.
UnholyLegion's avatar
That's cool. Capcom should rerelease the original SF games on a disk for the PS3 with all the sprites redone in your style.
VincentGordon's avatar
whao. cool. SUPER kick power! hehe
kenshinmeowth's avatar
Awesome! Guile's a fool to be flash kicking so far away!
StPyronLeWiked's avatar
thats fuckin crazy
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