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I loved it.
Beautifull image.
PralineB's avatar
Beautiful water and light effects ! Great work! ;)
EpsilonEagle's avatar
Nicely done! I did like the visuals seen in Ecco 2: The Tides of Time, even if the game was a total nightmare to beat.
Gotier's avatar
Superbe ! Ecco big classic !
nnnzzzzzz's avatar
I still haven't finish this game nowadays what a pity
xAfro1989's avatar
this is beautiful
HAMBURRIT0's avatar
So... beautiful... :faint:
sirAnGer's avatar
This is awesome. Truly awesome. I want this to hang from my wall.
FredRubim's avatar
Love your work man!
WakeUpDormouse's avatar
First, I'd like to say that I found your work on It's a good thing you put your name on the bottom of your work!
Second, this piece specifically made me so happy. I love the Ecco games so much, I own them all.
You do great work!
sweethazelnut-0-booh's avatar
woww *-* lindo! (beautiful)
Meehyn's avatar
This brings back memories.
And man, it's truly amazing.
The near water...
It's almost a blessing
lily29174's avatar
This was the first real game I played...
...And to this day it still is. So naturally I would have alot of memories with it. :) This picture brings them all to mind. It is simply beautiful. Thank you for creating this. It has brought joy before my eyes, I hope it does the same for many others. :)
sirius437's avatar
MykeSon's avatar
so poetic, it reminds me my childhood, when i played ecco on my sega genesis, (i never done this game)
ViroVeteruscy's avatar
Oh dear god... That game made me hate all water levels for any game since I was like 3 and level 2 for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis didn't help either.

Looks perfect in my book, excellent artwork.
NeterG's avatar
It would be really nice to have a new Ecco game. Awesome graphics for Ps360 or awesome controls for Wii :)
FiestaFacelift's avatar
dude don't jump high in the air it's scary
DragonEyedSwan's avatar
I was so little, and ecco was sooo hard, but I loved it! I actually bought the one they made for the PS2... terrible. Don't buy it. Haha. The controls are too wonky and you can't customize them...

I love it. Very... relaxing.
mapelode's avatar
Ah, ecco the dolphin was such a hard game :ohnoes: (sega megadrive version). Love the pic :heart:
Kinbarii-chan's avatar
I love this game! it's so hard; I can never get past that giant shark thing that you have to swim through a long, dark cave to get to, especially since it scares the crap out of me. but i still feel like such a loser playing it haha (:
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