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Big Blue

By Orioto
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CursodebrigadeiroHobbyist Artist
I loved it.
Beautifull image.
Raqonteur's avatar
RaqonteurHobbyist Traditional Artist
PralineB's avatar
Beautiful water and light effects ! Great work! ;)
ShadowRebirth37's avatar
ShadowRebirth37Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous!! :la:
EpsilonEagle's avatar
Nicely done! I did like the visuals seen in Ecco 2: The Tides of Time, even if the game was a total nightmare to beat.
Gotier's avatar
GotierHobbyist General Artist
Superbe ! Ecco big classic !
nnnzzzzzz's avatar
nnnzzzzzzStudent Interface Designer
I still haven't finish this game nowadays what a pity
xAfro1989's avatar
this is beautiful
HAMBURRIT0's avatar
HAMBURRIT0Hobbyist General Artist
So... beautiful... :faint:
Nakusa's avatar
Nakusa General Artist
sirAnGer's avatar
sirAnGerHobbyist Artist
This is awesome. Truly awesome. I want this to hang from my wall.
FredRubim's avatar
FredRubimProfessional Digital Artist
Love your work man!
WakeUpDormouse's avatar
First, I'd like to say that I found your work on cracktwo.com. It's a good thing you put your name on the bottom of your work!
Second, this piece specifically made me so happy. I love the Ecco games so much, I own them all.
You do great work!
sweethazelnut-0-booh's avatar
woww *-* lindo! (beautiful)
Meehyn's avatar
This brings back memories.
And man, it's truly amazing.
The near water...
It's almost a blessing
lily29174's avatar
lily29174Hobbyist Artist
This was the first real game I played...
...And to this day it still is. So naturally I would have alot of memories with it. :) This picture brings them all to mind. It is simply beautiful. Thank you for creating this. It has brought joy before my eyes, I hope it does the same for many others. :)
sirius437's avatar
MykeSon's avatar
so poetic, it reminds me my childhood, when i played ecco on my sega genesis, (i never done this game)
ViroVeteruscy's avatar
ViroVeteruscyProfessional Digital Artist
Oh dear god... That game made me hate all water levels for any game since I was like 3 and level 2 for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis didn't help either.

Looks perfect in my book, excellent artwork.
NeterG's avatar
It would be really nice to have a new Ecco game. Awesome graphics for Ps360 or awesome controls for Wii :)
FiestaFacelift's avatar
dude don't jump high in the air it's scary
DragonEyedSwan's avatar
I was so little, and ecco was sooo hard, but I loved it! I actually bought the one they made for the PS2... terrible. Don't buy it. Haha. The controls are too wonky and you can't customize them...

I love it. Very... relaxing.
mapelode's avatar
Ah, ecco the dolphin was such a hard game :ohnoes: (sega megadrive version). Love the pic :heart:
Kinbarii-chan's avatar
I love this game! it's so hard; I can never get past that giant shark thing that you have to swim through a long, dark cave to get to, especially since it scares the crap out of me. but i still feel like such a loser playing it haha (:
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