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Aquatic Run


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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
MissAnonyMouse's avatar
My heart is MELTING over this! I wish more Sonic games took on this kind of level detail.
shadowbane2009's avatar
love love love this...Damn so many great memories captured right here man...nice! When I think back to this...I remember there was no internet back then lol. Man how life has evolved lol.
adonis333's avatar
Deus-Oni's avatar
Just heard that this was used for the first episode of "NewChallenger". Congrats on that.
SupaSilver's avatar
This looks great!!!! It looks so real and it looks amazing!!!! I'm faving this right now!!!!!!!!!!
Dani-Castro's avatar
Wooow, looks great!! Go to favourites directly!!
EpsilonEagle's avatar
Nice picture! I remembered Aquatic Ruin Zone from Sonic 2 and how much difficulty it gave me when I was a kid, namely those damn flies that always wait for you after you spring to the surface from underwater!
jstewart25's avatar
I always hated "water" levels in Sonic games, too. In fact, because of it, whenever I'd play the Chemical Plant Zone, I'd bash against the spring just before you got to the platforms that would cause the level to rise, and just skip right past all of it. Ugh. Still gives me nightmares.

Anyway! I have to say, this is one of those pictures that just captures your attention immediately; it hews close to the spirit of Sonic, yet at the same time, is something new and different. The style is wonderful. :)
jstewart25's avatar
You're welcome. :)
Colorguy's avatar
That is awesome!

I now have a new desktop at work!
NaughtyBoy83's avatar
Amazing, Are You Looking Forward To Sonic 4 ?
Dearest-Nightmares's avatar
AdrianCurrier's avatar
I daresay those rings look suspiciously like the "One Ring" XD
Photon-Kitsune's avatar
It's a good Sonic 2 picture. Looks a little realistic and the character clashes a bit...

It's a Sonic 2 pic, so why didn't you draw Tails? =(
Love all your work. Would be sweet if you did some more Mega Man X sometime.
Aarogoth's avatar
That's pretty damn good. I hear sonic is to come back in classic 2d game. Hope it looks nearly as good as this. Some nice 2d/3d stages mixed with HD sprite quality.
this is how a next gen sonic game should look like, someone tell sega!
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