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Another World


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Ho i forgot : Eric Chahi released a new pc version some time ago. There is a demo right there and a really interesting document on the game's difficult birth !
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A of my favorites games (y)
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Oh my GAWWWD! >__< Running away from that bastard... Always would miss the jump on the rope at least once.
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Love it, specialy the light and the overall ambiant ! Impressive job
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Wonderful piece of art... I like the teeth shape on the black beast!

Also, I'd like to report that
I'm currently developing a videogame for smart devices (self produced) that is deeply inspired by Another World look (it's an side view arcade adventure without scrolling on fixed screens)... please take a look if you like and leave me some impression / comment / suggestion if you've got time! Thanks!…
ZHN-xar-cliff-moons by Zhenshchina
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I love the lighting you've gone with in this piece. It really helps add a sense of atmosphere!

I'm currently researching for an article I'm writing on the way that players have experienced or been inspired by Another World. Would you (or anybody else) be interested in answering some questions?
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Hey, sure, you can contact me at
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Thanks! A link to my questionnaire has been sent :D
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Still one of my most favorite games ever! :D
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Beautiful, it really sets up an anxious yet calming atmosphere. First time seeing it, I didn't even realize that there were worms.XD
*sigh* I guess I will never be able to see the rest of Lester's diary.
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Duuuude,  I freaking love this game and it makes me so glad to see people mention it every now and then. Those beginning vistas are forever stuck in my mind. I think this captures it very well. :)
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I love this game, too! It's so hard and awesome and different from anything I've played!
spooky-X-monkey's avatar
Most revolutionary game ever!
Fantastic job on this one. You really hit a nostalgic button with this one. Perfect timing, white shoes, great endless background. You captured what I think was the most memorable moment of this game for most people in the way we all saw it in our dreams late saturday nights.
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One of my all-time classic (together with 'Underwear Adventure')
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Ya, i love this one. I don't know what you are talking about!
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is this game what i think it is? o.O

quite obscure for an art piece!
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I love this game)
that's great
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damn I totally forgot this one...I didn't even remember the name of it until now...son of a beotch wow...those damn black worms heheheh and the rocks in the underground that you had to dodge....shit I can't believe I forgot this one...and you got it recaptured here in its glory...NICE SIR...NICE!!!!
You're crazy. This is awesome.
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What's wrong with this picture.... cause I think it is very well done!

Another World is one of my all time favorites!
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