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A Wish

By Orioto
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Samurai-AkitaHobbyist General Artist
I love this so much, it is so beautiful and well drawn.
Secret of Mana has the best memories and it is my favourite game for ever. It is just so... wonderful. And why I love your pic so much besides your great style is, because I always wanted to live in the Chrystal Forest (hope it's the right English translation) in the snow, with the wolves and that nice chrystalic music. Thank you for this great pieace of art.
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OriotoProfessional Digital Artist
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likelikesProfessional Digital Artist
This is absolutely gorgeous - I love it!!
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I like this.. :D pretty
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SpritsProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my god my childhood

And the MUSIC in this area was the prettiest ever i'm going to look it up right now

This is so amazing <3
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LoweakProfessional Digital Artist
My favorite Game on SNES !
Nice Job !
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Ooohhhh breath taking!

I love the detail in this artwork, captures the beauty of the crystal forest very well, especially with the detail of the cunning wolves looking on ready to pounce out from the crystal foliage!

God I love this game, I rented this just about every weekend for a few weeks when I was younger to try and beat it.

Sadly the game was a little.. decayed or something, a bit glitchy here and there, and I ended up having the worst glitch of all with the main hero boy disappearing at the end fight! Did not bode well, plus I somehow lost the last axe upgrade orb, minor inconvenience but annoying all the same XD.

Still a very fun game, I wouldn't trade my experiences with it for all the world.
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OriotoProfessional Digital Artist
Indeed it had some problems but so lovely :)
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Beautifully done picture of one of my favorite locations from one of my favorite games. I am absolutely in love with this piece.
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Lotus-DemonHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful as always. Beautiful piece of artwork! I love the colours you've used for this. Really sets the mood.
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SinderothProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome...Nostalgia Blast right there!! You rock man
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AnkoCoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Salut !
Je t'ai vu dans l’émission Extra Life de la chaine No Lofe, je ne sais plus quand ça passait ^^
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OriotoProfessional Digital Artist
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Wonderful piece of work of the crystal forest in the ice country.

A Wish is one of my favorite Themes of SoM:


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That is beautiful. I can almost hear the haunting music from that part of the game while looking at this picture. This is really wonderful.
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I'm playing this right now haha my friends and I started a 3 player co op file a while back. but now I'm playing solo. this game was like the precursor to kingdom hearts.
alexx's avatar
My top favorite song and level from Secret of Mana. Very well done! Put a smile on my face the moment I saw it!
MrLempeeze's avatar
I absolutely love it. You really have a knack for portraying video game universes!
J-Wiking's avatar
This is great and the memories is coming back.. Darn it Im smiling to much now. :D
game-flea's avatar
Uuu What a great game :o
T-ViRuZ's avatar
I actually still hear the music in my head, whenever I look around in a snowy town / forest
This is amazing! Thank you Orioto! :)
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LunaticMothHobbyist Writer
............I just realized you included the Ghost Howler. You are AMAZING. <3 <3 <3
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OriotoProfessional Digital Artist
Haha thx
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