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A New Day


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wowow this is amazing! so faithful to the original design :D (Big Grin) 
Cainmak's avatar
This is so soft and fluffy I would pet it.
But what happened to the cat's eyes? Eye Zoom 
Evertide's avatar
...I think Undertale has changed how I look at things.  I expect this to be a New Game+ and for Mom to say to him...

"I know what you did.  You went on a big adventure.  You beat the bad guys.  You got the girl.  You solved all the problems.  Then you abandoned it.  Undid it all.  And came back here.  All because you couldn't leave well enough alone.  All because you wanted to dominate the weak with your new strength.  All because you wanted to keep being the great hero...that now, you aren't."
Cainmak's avatar
'Mother, whyyy?'
demon0496's avatar
Ooo, I love the atmosphere and color palette! It gives off a very comfy feeling. Like when you're near a lit fireplace when it's snowing.
shadowbane2009's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! :highfive: Is there a cat missing or is it down stairs? :laughing: hahahaha its been so long =D
fighterxaos's avatar
Awesome! I actually feel a little choked up seeing this. Beautiful work. :)
Saskle's avatar
Lovely piece! :heart:
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It's very poetic, I like it :) (Smile) 
Mortusk's avatar
Chrono Trigger! La la la la I love this game. Amazing work :happybounce: 
CalicoStonewolf's avatar
Is the journal and lamp on the desk a reference to "Radical Dreamers?"
HeyIAmYou2168's avatar
This is awesome. :D
losrosticost's avatar
TheRockyDoo's avatar
At first glance I thought it's an actual game. °-° Stunning work!
the-beauty-writer's avatar
Dscapades's avatar
this is very nicely done
Smolb's avatar
I almost hear the Truce town music :)
jhodder's avatar
Only almost?  Totally in my head
SmileyO's avatar
Booming fireworks, frothing shore, the cawing of seagulls, the chime of Leene's Bell...

Such nostalgia
Bankai-Jay's avatar
I was just thinking of the bells and the OST that playes when Chrono wakes up when looking at this photo.
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