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Chromic for Growl

A super-smooth and refined theme for the growl notification system, for those who like dark themes.

Light theme coming soon.

1.0, first release.
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niiice man! just what i was looking for keep it up
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Wow amazing, thanks for this :)
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They are different styles.

Rogie's work is good though. I like his icons.
great, i love it ;) but can you make the font a bit brighter?
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I'm making a fix. probably release tomorrow.
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srsly? best grow ever!
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Wow, that's a really nice theme. Installed it instantly.

Keep up the great work! ;)
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Does this work with growl for windows?
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Nice theme mate!

You've been featured on iconpaper :star:
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I like it! I've been looking at expanding my collection of wallpapers, icons, and Growl styles, and I wasn't aware how painfully small the amount of quality Growl styles was. Thanks for helping my collection grow!
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Thanks for your comments. :)
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What wallpaper did you use? It is awesome.
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I can't remember where I got it, sorry!
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Pretty good searching, seriously.
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Its that nice a wallpaper - just had to find it. The proper attribution - the original is by Kiddi Kristjáns, and is available from InterfaceLIFT.
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Very clean and good looking. The icon could be a bit lower though, as it's more off from the left side than from the top.
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