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Apple Devices

A pack of 48x48 icons depicting the Main areas of Apple Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod. These are designed for my personal upcoming site but you are welcome to have them.

© 2010 - 2021 OrionTwentyone
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Have fun! hehehehee! beautiful
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Perfect Work.Very Professional
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Great icons - can I add them to
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I just love them! I'm wondering if I could use them for some wallpaper previews that I'm working on for the iPhone and the iPad :)
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I Love the nano icon <3
Say, I saw your Lion Concept image on Dribble, and just hád to ask you... how did you get that crosshatch texture in the background? I see a similar texture in this image above, but I couldn't quite figure out how to get it to work.

I thought it was done with the Crosshatch filter in Photoshop, but that wasn't quite it either ;) Would you mind enlightening us/me perhaps? :)
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It's straight from iOS :) [link]
Ahh, thanks for the tip/link :)
I like them when i saw them, but after look that they were made in Fireworks, i LOVED THEM!

Its really hard to make this kind of things in Fireworks, i once made an iPod nano and it took me a long time, congratulations and keep doing this great job!
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Thanks mate, as they are fireworks files you should be able to still edit them and learn some stuff I guess, I would be happy to help :)
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Please tell me, where can I get that grey background? I really love and need it! :)
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Personal Creation inspired by the linen texture in iOS.

Honestly, it's so simple to make :)
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Would you send it to me anyway? :) I don't know how to make it and would so love you for this! :(
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Sorry for the delay: [link]
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Very nice ! The Nano and the iMac are ticularly sharp-looking (bonus point for having the a 3D iMac).
Nice texture on the preview too. One quibble though : why is the switched off ipad presented before the switched on, whereas it is the opposite for every other device?
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Didn't notice. thanks and sharp spotting :D
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Great icons...btw. would you be able to create an Kindle 3 icon?
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can these be used for commercial, or just personal use?

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Any, just give some credit :)
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sweet, thanks :) will do
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Thanks man !

Very awesome icons.
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